The Syrian Arab Army (2) | Oryx Blog

With the Syrian Ministry of Defense finally having embraced 21st century media technology, it now regularly uploads high-definition images on both its official website and twitter account. Despite this ‘giant’ leap forward, the Syrian MoD still only communicates to the outside world in Arabic, thereby excluding a large audience that could otherwise be interested in reading or viewing the MoD’s statements on ongoing battles in the Syrian theatre. Nonetheless, the images published provide for a perfect opportunity for another ‘Photo Report’.

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Kalashnikov to show next generation of Russian weapons at Army 2016 | TASS

For the first time publicly present the range of our proactive development, in particular, will be shown prototypes of the new sniper rifles ICS and VSV-338, a prototype of the gun 9×19 mm Lebedeva in the new version, as well as a prototype of a compact 5.45 mm machine, which is being developed as a light and maneuverable weapon in close combat for special forces.

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Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade

The fighting in eastern Ukraine between the Moscow-backed separatists and Ukraine’s pro-Western government killed hundreds of people, displaced thousands of residents and created a Cold War-style stand off between Moscow in the West.

It also had another consequence that is less visible but could in time prove equally dangerous: the conflict took huge amounts of arms out of government arsenals and put them in the hands of irregular units unable to properly control them.

Now the fighting has subsided, according to security officials and experts on the arms trade, the weapons are getting into the hands of criminals and being spirited to buyers well beyond the conflict zone.

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“Kalashnikov” in the fifth generation | BMPD

Soon the Russian army will be joining the machines of new generation: A-545 or AK-12. Completed testing the new sniper rifles SVDM. Under a new army equipment of the “Warrior” created bicaliber weapons systems. Developed a cartridge caliber 8.6 mm.

The best samples of Russian machine guns, pistols and ammunition were shown at the largest exhibition of small arms in the United States. About novelties and new trends in Armory the fashion of the “Russian newspaper” said the Executive Director of the Union of armourers of Russia, head of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov.

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