Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” |

The work of Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” was first published in 1926. And soon it was subjected to destructive criticism and was sent for a long time into oblivion, like all of Svechin’s work. But it stood the test of silence and subsequent negligence.

And today the “Strategy” remains a powerful source for the development of creative strategic thinking, despite the large, largely unforeseen, changes in the environment and content of human life, the well-being and security of which increasingly depend on the validity and implementation of appropriate strategies.

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The Pluriversum and the Geopolitics of the Night | ALEXANDER DUGIN

What is unconditional in monitoring the state of the present unipolarity is its subjective assessment. It is unanimously pessimistic. Even if the view that liberal democracy is the lesser of evils still prevails, today, in the absence of a formal opposition, the emphasis shifts from the word “less” to the word “evil.” A unipolar status quo is recognized by the majority of humanity, but the same majority sees the situation in alarming tones. Important: what is, no longer causes enthusiasm and, on the contrary, awakens more fears, fears and unpleasant surprises. Yes, the world is as it is, but it is some kind of a wrong world, standing on the verge of something terrible. The subjective factor has in society, in civilization a huge (if not decisive) value. If we treat an event as a success, it will be a success. If as a failure, it will be a failure. The unipolar moment today is almost unanimously qualified as a failure, as an end, as the threshold of a catastrophe, although – if we ignore the subjective assessment – everything in the world is built in the way or almost as planned by the liberals and supporters of the global victory of the West. The victory was achieved, but it turned out to be quite different than expected.

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Two strategies against Yemen | Leonid Savin

The recent visit of Pentagon chief Jim Mattis to Saudi Arabia to meet with the King’s beloved son, the last Prince and the Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman was connected with the discussion of the Yemeni conflict, which indicates the development of a strategy in Trump’s administration. During the meeting the supply of high-precision weapons from the US was also discussed, the issue was already raised in the US Congress.

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Dugin: In France the battle is lost, the war is not

Now it is clear that Resistance with necessity must be global. After all, the enemy is global.

The old parties are virtually destroyed. There are neither right nor left. There are the People and Elites, Europeans and the global financial oligarchy. Marine performed perfectly. She is henceforth the ideological pole of the Resistance.

Since Macron fundamentally can not do anything, and the crisis will only deepen, now, without losing a minute, we must prepare for the next stage of our common struggle – for France, Europe and mankind. Our name is Marine Le Pen!

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Geopolitics of the European New Right | ALEXANDER DUGIN

The “New Right” sharply differs on practically all matters from the traditional French right consisting of monarchists, Catholics, Germanophobes, chauvinists, anti-communists, conservatives, etc. The “New Right” includes those who support “organic democracy,” pagans, Germanophiles, socialists, modernists, etc. At the beginning, the “left camp” so conventionally, extremely influential in France considered such to be a “tactical maneuver” by typical rightists, but with time the gravity of this evolution was proven and came to be recognized by all.

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