Aleksandr Dugin – Economy and Multipolarity

In this sense, we come to the most logical conclusion: the economic model of the multipolar world must be based on the rejection of economic-centrism and the reduction of economic factors to a lower level than social, cultural, religious and political factors. Destiny is not matter, but the ideal , therefore, is not the economy that must dictate the political sphere, but the political sphere is the one that must dominate about the economic motivations and structuring. Without the relativization of the economy, without the subordination of the material to the spiritual, without the transformation of the economic sphere into subordinate and secondary to the dimension of civilization in general, multipolarism is impossible.

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Luzhkov has called for a rethinking of Karl Marx | Colonel Cassad

“Abstracting from the Communist dogma, we still need to take a fresh look at the teachings of Karl Marx, this outstanding economist. It set out the law of the land States that the basis for state activity in any economy is the real sector, and money is just an add-on. We are all confused: in fact, the country was involved in a game of money, tied himself to the world prices for oil, which now depends entirely on. The real economy in those conditions, especially with such a rigorous mode of lending, can not exist”, — said Luzhkov.

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