If you can bear to listen to the speech, it essentially consists of trying to pander to the Republicans by calling them Fascists and Racist thugs. I am not kidding. The speech opens by Hillary talking about her “Program” which is: Lower taxes and less regulation. Then she spends the rest of the speech laying out how Donald Trump is Putin is nazis and how the “good” Republicans should all vote for her instead. I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that brazenly calling every Republican who supports Trump a Neo-Nazi is not an effective way to pander to them. Really.

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PUTIN TRUMP CONSPIRACY SITREP: The Battle of the Conspiracy Theories

The Trump strategy is devastating. First, Trump addicted the entire media to “Trump Scandal” clickbait stories. Now he has completely turned that bitch out. In one of the greatest Mack games of all time, Trump has the whores in the Liberal media turning tricks for him. Rachel Maddow thinks she is sucking Joe McCarthy’s dick in a filthy urinal for Hillary, but in reality she is sucking it for Trump!

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Putin Trump Conspiracy SITREP

-Snowden has released the cryptokey Operation Apocalypse is now active!

-I trolled Glen Beck!

-Operation Chapo Trap House has been tearing it up

-Orbital microwave ray deployed against Glenn beck

-The mind control Biochip is out of Beta, they even got the Bluetooth function to work on Mike Pence . Our Primordial Father of the eternal abyss got the Skype connected and he can now speak directly to Trump through Pence.

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