The Crisis of the Truther World | AKIRA

Whether the truthers will go out with a bang or a bed wetting is the great question of the conspiracy subculture. J.R. Bob Dobbs’s famous line: “The joke is on you, pink boy” is a poetic image of the “alternative media” in the Trump era. Still too dumb to quite understand what was done to them, they are just beginning to fathom that a world-class grifter just waltzed in and stole their entire snake oil market right out from under them. Now we have UFO president, no one needs the retarded subculture anymore.

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Wahhabism is not a “False Flag” | Akira

Trutherism is a sort of identity politics of the socially retarded white basement fatty, in some ways an absolutely pure form of identity politics in as much as it is composed entirely of bullshit, existing solely to satisfy the deranged psychosis of the human waste products of western civilization. Every complex human event is reduced to the level of a Saturday morning cartoon or bad action movie, with the truther-tard (of course) cast in the role of the noble internet adventurer fighting against the demonic space lizard conspiracy.

Conspiracy Theory subcultures create safe spaces for idiocy and failure. These subcultures offer a recreational activity that has been entirely sealed off from external reality. They exist solely to satisfy the (usually deeply pathological) emotional needs of their membership. These subculture are now entirely virtual and evidently breed socially retarded basement fatties that threaten nothing at all.

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