CIA, Trump and civil war in USA | Katehon

The big issue are the Neocon globalist hawks of the Republican Party. People must understand something: there is a civil war within the Republican Party. On one side there are the Neocon globalist hawks and on the other side there are the true conservatives or Paleoconservatives, aka the Old Right. The Neocons took power in the Republican Party with Bush I and ruled the party for 30 years. Now the Paleoconservatives are back in power (thank God!) but the civil war is as strong as ever. On one side, the Neocons, led by Neocon Hawk in Chief Senator McCain, hate Trump, hate the true conservatives, think that the Soviet Union is still there like the Warsaw Pact, have not noticed that Russia is no longer Communist but is now Christian, and live in the eternal Cold War.

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Chapo Trap House : Episode 5 – What’s So Civil About War, Anyway? | PODCAST

Then, we are joined by @CarlBeijer to game out the coming #tcot rebellion/Second Civil War and the possibility of the Rascal Scooter demographic waging a successful irregular war against the most powerful nation state in human history. We close out with a reading from friend of the show Kurt Schlichter and some “letters home” from the front lines.

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