The Rook vs the Warthog: The su-25 and A-10 – a view from the trenches | Judgesuhov

“Rook” was created as a workhorse for bombing. Tough, cheap and hardy aircraft for the war that was supposed to solve the problem of supporting ground troops “cheap and cheerful”, coming as close as possible to the enemy and treating it with bombs, rockets and the gun… And in some cases missiles with laser seeker to destroy point targets.

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Hama. 30.03.2017 | Colonel Cassad

In General, the situation for the SAA here in recent days has improved slightly, although on the complete overcoming of the crisis so far, the militants have lost the pace, but the ambitious plans they still have left, so ahead of the SAA are waiting for fierce fighting with a sufficiently skilled adversary. In the battle from both sides involved more than 20 thousand people, dozens of tanks and artillery (even the Syrians TOS-1). In these battles the parties to bear significant losses, a few dozen people a day. Together, and the fighters and the SAA from the beginning of the offensive had lost several hundred men killed and wounded.

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Syria news 29 Mar: al-Nusra lost 2,000 in Hama | RIAFAN.RU

According to the Ministry of defence of the SAR, over the past seven days in the Northern part of Hama by government forces during a large-scale counteroffensive were eliminated not less than two thousand terrorists belonging to the mostly Islamist coalition “Tahrir al-sham” led by “al-Nusra Dzhebhat”. In addition, was destroyed seven control centers, 15 tanks, more than ten units of heavy armored vehicles, over one hundred vehicles and 12 weapons storage sites of the militants.

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The completion of the operation “shield of the Euphrates” | Colonel Cassad

In General, the operation “shield of the Euphrates” despite some understatement, was a success in Turkey that the price is acceptable military and political losses, were able in practice to make a serious reversal of its policy and start correcting the mistakes that have produced Erdogan, in 2011-2016 years when persisting in their attempts to overthrow Assad at any cost, he put the Turkey and his own regime on the brink of disaster. Of course, this operation was coordinated with Russia and Iran – Turkey has allowed to achieve the above objectives, in exchange for the correction of its foreign policy in the region and the services needed for the capture of Aleppo and the release of a number of enclaves.

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Russia – Iran: towards a United Eurasia | Vasily Semenov

Russian-Iranian relations go beyond the bilateral. So, in the military sphere is planned in the triangle Ankara – Moscow – Tehran. Though not without some rough edges, but they can be easily eliminated in the mutual interest of the parties. Under consideration the project of North – South, that is, the establishment of the main trade routes from India and other countries around the Indian ocean through Iran to Russia and further to Europe.

The fact that Russia and Iran have never been allies, and now on the way to it, shows the addition and strengthening of the Eurasian unity. Iran is also sincerely committed, wanting to take their place in organizations such as the SCO, BRICS, etc.

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