On the Syrian-Jordanian border | Colonel Cassad

In the social networks is a wildness of mirrors about the situation on the border of Syria and Jordan. Several sources indicate that the column of American armored vehicles (called a figure of around 20 tanks and armored fighting vehicles) moved to the border with Syria in support of parts of the Jordanian special forces. Next, the data diverge – some sources claim that the technique remained in Jordan, others that it allegedly crossed the border of Syria.

No official comment on the matter yet. Again, according to unconfirmed reports, the Russian VKS are monitoring this border.

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The negotiations in Lausanne | Colonel Cassad

USA can not and do not want to divide the fighters into moderate and not moderate, which is why Syria and Russia continue to arbitrarily bomb the militants, who consider it necessary, as they are mixed with the “Al-Nusra”, which the United States thus provides de facto cover.

Without the separation of militants into “Good” and “bad”, it is physically impossible to form an adequate subject of negotiations for an inter-Syrian settlement. Jihadists Assad for sure will not negotiate and he’s already made it clear that he intends to kill them, not converse with them. We will talk with sane, but go find them in the conglomerate of bearded men cutting head and sitting on foreign succor.

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