The US is scaling down operations in Al-Tanf | Colonel Cassad

On the evening of 1 August, there were reports that the United States are leaving Al-Tanf and has sent the special forces that were stationed in Syria to Jordan.

One of the militant groups operating in the area is negotiating a surrender to the SAA.

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Operation “Grand Dawn” | Sic Semper Tyrannis

Although details are scarce and often conflicting, it appears the R+6 operation to reclaim Syria’s southern border is proceeding. It is also about to come face-to-face with the Coalition plan to carve out a safe area in this part of Syria. We shall see who blinks first.

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Offensive in Eastern Sweida | Colonel Cassad

According to the active connection of the SAA to offensive operations, findings from an American attack was made and Damascus decided to increase the load on operation, in an effort to move towards the At-Tapu and take it, which puts US in an interesting position, as in the transition of the fighting in the area of At-Tanta in the intensive phase, retaliatory strikes by Syria and Iran would essentially be directed against American and British troops.

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Hybrid war in Sweida | Colonel Cassad

We can say with confidence that in South East Syria will continue the revitalization of the hybrid war that gets very sparse coverage in the press. The main players acting in their hands “proxy” or special units, solve problems of redistribution of spheres of influence that are important for the further conduct of the war, and for potential negotiations on a final settlement.

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US Special Forces Are Secretly Training Syrian Rebels And Fighting Alongside Them | Mitch Prothero

Mohannad Ahmed al-Tallaa, the commander of the rebel battalion stationed at Tanf, said they began working with US troops at the base late last year. A former officer in an elite Syrian army unit, he defected early in the civil war and has been a vital player in the rebel fight in Deir Ezzor, a province in eastern Syrian that has become a major ISIS stronghold. He created the battalion, called Maghaweir Al-Thowra, or Commandos of the Revolution, with the aim of working with the US-backed coalition to free Deir Ezzor from ISIS, he said, adding that he and his men now live with their US partners. “I’m sitting with them right now,” he said when reached by phone on Tuesday night; men with American accents could be heard speaking English in the background.

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Comey did the trick. Comey can go | Colonel Cassad

Overall, the US is trying in the North of Syria to promote its interests through SDF/YPG and to the South – through the NSA. Former “freedom fighters” are now considered as “used condoms” and the dubious right to lead them now divide Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The territory controlled by the Caliphate all parties to the conflict are now considered as a valuable prize, which carries with it the prospects for expanding areas of control. After signing the agreement in Astana, we can expect more active involvement of Syria, Russia and Iran in the race for territorial control.

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