The murder of the Russian ambassador was nothing but a cry of Globalist agony | ALEXANDER DUGIN

The organizer will pay a huge price for this assassination. Our strongest and loudest response to this crime will be the continuation of the Russian-Turkish strategic alliance, and the acceleration of the Turkish withdrawal from NATO, and creating a new Eurasian alliance. That is the only reasonable and symmetric answer, because our enemies – the globalists – fear this moment more then anything else. Nothing will stop our progress in the creation of a multipolar and democratic world order.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor, political scientist and strategist Aleksander Dugin visited the parliamentary group meeting of ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) on Tuesday.

Dugin, who said earlier that Russia had warned the Turkish state authorities of the ongoing junta preparation one day prior to the failed coup attempt of July 15 organized by the Gülenist terror cult (FETÖ), visited the Turkish parliament.

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DUGIN pushes Russian alliance in Turkish parliament with visit to AKP

Today’s guest roster at the Turkish parliament offered an intriguing glimpse of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “New Turkey.” While Western ambassadors in Ankara showed solidarity with the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) over the detentions of its leaders, in a nearby chamber the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was hosting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special adviser Alexander Dugin.

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Toward a Fourth Economic & Environmental Policy

Global Capitalism is nothing more than plunderocracy, and so it must be destroyed and replaced with a more natural and honest system. Marxism and fascist-corporatism have long since failed to rein in (let alone destroy) the Big Moneyed Beast. Eurasianist applied economics is the only viable system that can potentially defeat Finance Capitalism globally.

Therefore, immediately upon the establishment of the Eurasian State, vital industries necessary for the people’s basic survival shall be nationalized. These industries include: energy, communications, water, other utilities, public transportation, and the healthcare/medical professions – essentially all industries vital to the basic welfare of the State and its citizenry. For the sake of maintaining a healthy economy, a central bank will be established.

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