SAA liberated the airbase Jirah | Colonel Cassad

In General, liberating Jirah is a significant operational success, which creates favorable prerequisites for the development of offensive operations to the East of Aleppo, where using the fact that the Caliphate will be to forced pull the troops for the protection of Raqqa, it is possible to significantly expand the controlled territory.

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Tabqa 25.03.2017 | Colonel Cassad

The operation in the area of Tabqa is an important stage in the preparation of the assault on Raqqa, which theoretically could begin as early as April, although it is possible that the case will be postponed until may, when it will have accumulated enough power for many months of the campaign to assault the city itself. By the evening of 25 March began to receive reports that DAESH militants have left the airbase Tabqa and departed.

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The boiler in Deir Hafir and a break in the Hama front | Colonel Cassad

In General, the SAA systematically used all the benefits of reconfiguring the political and military situation in Northern Syria and has significantly grown territories between Aleppo and the Euphrates, maintaining excellent prospects for further promotion in the province of raqqa.

However, the success in this case go hand in hand with failures. In Hama, despite the reinforcements being moved from Damascus, things still are not the best way.

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