The death of a T-90 | Colonel Cassad



20 September, 14:4


In Syria, a Russian T-90 was given a Syrian crew during the battle of mallah farms in the summer of 2016, when the army was fighting in the encirclement of Aleppo, and was lost.
The tank was then seized by militants of the “Nour al-Din al-Zenki”. In damaged condition it was sold to “Al-Nusra” for $ 300,000 and was actively used in the propaganda of the militants.

In the fighting under the banner of “Al-Nusra”, the Tank took part in the March-April 2017, when the armored group of fighters (1 tank, 3 infantry fighting vehicles), and the captured T-90 took part in heavy fighting near Taybat al-Imam, from which the militants have released a relevant promotional videos.

Combat efficiency of the machine under the control of militants remained low, but it was a fact that it was able to survive the battle in the Northern Hama, where both sides lost dozens of armored vehicles and a large number of soldiers, and that at least confirms the traditionally high survivability of the T-90, which has been shown in the Syrian war.

Well, judging by the photo,the problem is finally figured out, for it is not a good technique to leave such a Tank in the hands of the insurgents.

Events described to the Syrian sources were that the T-90 was destroyed in a tank battle with Syrian T-72s in the village of Ma’an. While one T-72 engaged the T-90 in battle, another came in from the flank and struck the T-90 in the side (in a side wall of the turret) with an armor-piercing projectile, which led to the detonation and destruction of the tank and its crew consisting of “Al-Nusra” militants .

Plus fresh video from Northern Hama, where the Russian attack helicopters handle the position of “Al-Nusra”

Stauffenberg was Right!

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