The magic disillusion of a Nationalist Intellectual | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Quite frankly, the idiotically simplified way of giving people stupid names and throwing primitive and absolutely unproven accusations at people is a vice of the Nationalist movement, and the stupid manner of one’s messed-up thoughts is always enough to paint someone completely black. Sometimes, when I have to face this sick paranoia, I just cannot believe it… Some imaginary “masons”, the “jews” behind every single thing, paranoia, mania of being constantly followed – these are all either ways to overcome one’s own incapability of action, some laziness and incompetence, either a banal psychological model. The reality as it is is much more interesting than some archaic myths of old terrorist organizations.

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Inside the Secret, Strange Origins of Steve Bannon’s Nationalist Fantasia | Vanity Fair

Bannon’s reading eventually led him to the work of René Guénon, an early-20th-​­century French occultist and metaphysician who was raised a Roman Catholic, practiced Freemasonry, and later became a Sufi Muslim who observed the Sharia. There are many forms of traditionalism in religion and philosophy. Guénon developed a philosophy often called “Traditionalism” (capital “T”), a form of anti-modernism with precise connotations.

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France: globalism VS patriotism | Daria Dugina

The candidates’s programs are diametrically oposed to each over in all spheres: from politics to economics. The leader of “National Front” from the very beginning of her campaign declared that she speaks from the “name of the people” and “in the name of the people (au nom du peuple is the slogan of its election campaign). The main procedure for ensuring the will of the people in the country’s political course is the referendum. Her goal is to restore France’s grandeur, to restore sovereignty in four dimensions: legislative, legal, economic, monetary. In foreign policy, she stands on the positions of realism and considers the sovereignty of the state (territorial, legislative, economic, political, etc.) to be the highest value.

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Marine Le Pen vs Macron: People vs System | ALEXANDER DUGIN

There is a Europe of Peoples and Europe of System and they enter into a radical battle with each other. The System is we call «big capital», «globalism», «left liberalism», «transnationalism», «gender politics» and «encouragement of uncontrolled migration». The People say to this its decisive «NO». The People choose order, identity and traditional values.

The name of France today is Marin Le Pen. Macron is a System biorobot, a senseless cyborg from the Matrix. The living is fighting with the dead and the battlefield is France.

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Our Faint-Hearted Nationalists | Pete Spiliakos

A conservative nationalism that can’t speak to both recent immigrant populations and anxious working-class whites will lose to left-wing cosmopolitanism. Working-class whites will stay home if they are offered nothing but contempt from elite conservatives. Patriotic, moderately conservative nonwhites will vote for liberal cosmopolitans who claim to love them, over nationalist conservatives who seem to think that nonwhites are a peripheral (and regrettable) part of the American nation.

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If Satan Cast Out Satan, He is Divided Against Himself; how then will his kingdom stand? | Farrakahn

Minister Farrakhan speaks as the country faces a myriad of economic, social and political problems as well as a contentious 2016 campaign for the White House between GOP contender Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. The subject of Minister Farrakhan’s address is “If Satan Cast Out Satan, He is Divided Against Himself; how then will his kingdom stand?”

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