Poisonous fruit of Saudi Arabia expands to Southeast Asia | Abna24

With Saudi Arabian financial aids pouring in to the Islamic institutions in the Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, ISIS, a terrorist group with Salafi ideology, saw a high growth of its regional activities. With this in mind, it is baseless to draw a link between rise of ISIS in Southeast Asia and the internal developments of Syria and Iraq.

The more Saudi Arabia expands its religious and cultural influence in the countries of Southeast Asia, the more the region will see expansion of areas of activity of the terrorist groups. Under strong radical groups, the regional nations, who have so far lived in security and peace, will experience periods of violence and insecurity.

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Fighting in Marawi 31.05 | Colonel Cassad

In the city, fighting continued. The army can’t crush the resistance fighters.
For the week, according to official figures in the city killed 89 rebels. The city continues to gather strength of the regular army (for the last 3 days to the city deployed 150 units of various equipment and several thousand soldiers, in addition to the operations involved 8-10 helicopters and a few planes) , which gradually tighten the ring around the main forces of the militants entrenched in a dense residential area. Army during the same period, lost about 70-80 people. About 2,000 residents of Marawi are still virtually held hostage by the militants.

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Libya and the Manchester connection | ALJ

All this should put an above-average level of scrutiny on the conduct of the security services. MI6 appear to have funnelled foreign fighters with suspected links to al-Qaeda from the streets of Britain to Libya. Salman Abedi and members of his close family, who are now arrested, were among these people. Abedi would go on, it is alleged, to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS).

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After the carnage of Manchester: A new matrix of terror | Herald Scotland

It is now a depressingly familiar cycle. First comes the collapse of a regime and factional fighting. This is followed by intense foreign or Western military intervention before those same powers then turn their back on the country in turmoil. As a consequence a dangerous power vacuum is created and in turn jihadist groups move to exploit it. And so a launch pad for Islamist-inspired terrorism comes into being.

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SDF Vows To Prevent Any Corridor Between Iran And Syria | SOUTHFRONT

Then, the SDF vowed that it will not accept any corridor between Iran and ‘the Syrian regime’ and will oppose any PMU attempt to enter the Syrian territory, Al Ghad Press reported citing a source among the SDF leadership.

If confirmed, it will be another step in the ongoing escalation in the PMU-SDF relations as well as deterioration of the shaky relations between the US-backed force and the Syrian government.

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Iran after the elections | Leonid Savin

It is obvious that as the influence of Western liberals increases, attempts will be made in Iran to reduce cooperation with Russia in all directions. But not only with Russia, but also with regard to the anti-Western strategy of Tehran as a whole, since to obtain certain promises from the West, Iran will have to give up geopolitical ambitions in the region.

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Offensive in Eastern Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

The advance detachments of the SAA have actually come very close to the outskirts of Maskanah. At the same time, the line of militant detachments, which signify the front line to the south of the city, is quite vigorously being pushed back. In fact, the front itself is no longer there – the militants continue to retreat to the east, resting in separate settlements, but with a similar level of resistance, the SAA is coping well. Maskanah is essentially the last major city in the province where the Caliphate will be able to provide less or less organized resistance, and further down to the American enclave near Tabqa, the terrain as a whole favors the offensive of Syrian mechanized formations that are supported by the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Air Force.

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Fighting in Marawi | Colonel Cassad

Briefly about the situation in Marawi, captured by the Philippine branch of the Caliphate. Fighting in the city are already the 6th day, the army, even with reinforcements, cannot completely suppress the DAESH fighters despite the airstrikes and the use of armored vehicles. The Philippine army continues to urgently increase the grouping in Mindanao. Along the way, Duterte turned to the rebels, the Maoists, who does not recognize the government in Manila, asking the Maoists to the fight against the Caliphate. What was said by the followers of Mao Zedong – not reported. So Duterte demanded from the military to intensify air strikes against militants.

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Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad

On Friday at Raqqa was killed a 22-year-old Solider from the 75th Ranger battalion of the U.S. army, Etienne Murphy.

Moreover, there are discrepancies about the causes of death according to one version, he crashed the SUV, on the other – died during the battle with militants of the Caliphate.

It is worth noting that for a 22 years old he had quite a large number of medals and awards.

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