Our Faint-Hearted Nationalists | Pete Spiliakos

A conservative nationalism that can’t speak to both recent immigrant populations and anxious working-class whites will lose to left-wing cosmopolitanism. Working-class whites will stay home if they are offered nothing but contempt from elite conservatives. Patriotic, moderately conservative nonwhites will vote for liberal cosmopolitans who claim to love them, over nationalist conservatives who seem to think that nonwhites are a peripheral (and regrettable) part of the American nation.

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Trump, the System and the Rubicon | Philippe Grasset

And no matter what you say on the constitutionality of a claim after the election if Trump is declared defeated, we doubt very strongly, very strongly, that the thing is happening in the secure framework of the single-constitutionality. Thus, whatever one may say and whatever he himself wants, Trump has, with this response, crossed the Rubicon last night in Los Angeles… But how can it be otherwise ? The Rubicon is there, it is necessary to take… After, you know, – Alea Jacta est.

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Trump Doctrine explained | Katehon

Donald Trump made a revolutionary speech, and because the US almost forgot about classic realism, for many the speech seemed strange. American politicians and journalists are accustomed to thinking in terms of the liberal paradigm, so the politician who dares to make a realist foreign policy program looks comical to them. The idea of giving up universal values seems also inconceivable.

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Dugin’s Guideline – USA vs Saudi Arabia: who will win?

Power in Saudi Arabia is based on three principles: the tyranny of the Royal family, an extremist sheikhs-the fanatics, led by descendants of al-Wahhab and the local Arabian tribes. Royal house – pragmatists, who get their power from wealth and privilege. Wahhabi Ulema – maniacs Protestant leaders like Calvin or Cromwell. The rest of the Bedouins and simple – great by the way – the Arab people, which parasitizes cynical, in the case of the Royal family, and fanatical in the case of the Wahhabis of Saudi elite.

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Trump and the Liberal Intelligentsia: a View from Europe | Counterpunch

American liberal intellectuals who are horrified by Trump are quick to forget what their own country has inflicted on the “ROW” – that rest of the world where it is okay to kill masses of people, not out of “racism”, oh no, that is not nice. But killed because they have bad leaders, or bad ideas, or even – the story goes – because they need to be protected.

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The End of Ordinary Politics | Archdruid

Behind the shouts of “Racist!” directed at the Trump campaign by a great many affluent white liberals, rather, lies a rather different reality. Accusations of racism play a great many roles in contemporary American discourse—and of course the identification of actual racism is among these. When affluent white liberals make that accusation, on the other hand, far more often than not, it’s a dog whistle.

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Huntington, Fukuyama, and Eurasianism

Among all civilizations, only the Western civilization has presented itself as universal, pretending to be in this way “the civilization” (singular). In formal terms, now nobody replicates it, rather in reality the great majority of men and women who live outside of the European or American space reject this dominion, and continue to be rooted in different historical-cultural types. This is what explains the current resurgence of civilizations. Huntington concluded, concerning that, that the planetary dominion of the West will face new challenges. He advised being conscious of this danger, to prepare oneself for the reappearance of certain premodern forms in the postmodern era, and to try to protect oneself against them to guarantee the security of Western civilization.

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In Trump We Trust | Alexander Dugin


The group of neoconservatives, who earlier fully controlled the Republican Party, is infuriated by Trump’s success, and is intensifying their attempts to denigrate him. Due to the obsession with the fake Russian threat, they couldn’t find an accusation more fearful that my support for him. This shocking “truth” was exposed by certain Robert Zubrin, a guy who has two aims in life: colonizing Mars and exposing Dugin’s fifth column in the West. Good choice Weekly Standard!

I do not begrudge you. I really like Donald Trump. But I detest the crazy warmongering neoconservatives, sodomite Rubio and hypocrite pseudo-Christian Cruz. I don’t like this stuff at all.

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Why something like Trump was inevitable

The systematic displacement of real politics with political consumerism, the replacement of leaders with media celebrities, and the real domination of the spectacle in every aspect of American society are fundamental trends of post-modernity itself; they were first undeniably visible in American presidential politics with Ronald Reagan and finally developed into the most extreme form with Obama, who was more of a marketing hologram than a traditional politician. Trump is the apogee of this phenomenon. Now the spectacle is openly taking political power. This “mechanism” is switching places with its master.

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America is Righter than Trump and Lefter than Sanders, Facing Revolution | ALEXANDER DUGIN


And here’s the thing: the real American majority – the silent American majority and even the dispossessed American majority — which does not have proper representation in the elite will be somewhere between Trump and Sanders, but on the opposite side of Hillary, Rubio and Cruz. That is, the American society is simultaneously to the right of Trump and to the left of Sanders. This is the real America, American America, held hostage by the globalist liberal sects, possessed by the new world order and fulfilling the order not of the American majority, but the global financial elite.

It’s really the first interesting election in the United States. It shows that America is facing a revolution. If the elite will not voluntarily give power to the people.

Something tells me that the liberals themselves will not leave the USA and mankind alone. Will have to help them with that.

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Trump is real America | Alexander Dugin

Most likely, Donald Trump is another designed product, a virtual figure. However, it is him who makes people feel fresh and hopeful. He is trustworthy: the black peacekeeper promised to change everything, but was unable to change anything, nothing at all, and Hilary Clinton, with a quickly aging poker face, doesn’t promise to change anything, maybe Trump will be able to get America’s natural borders back.

Maybe, that redhead rude Yankee from the saloon will get back to the problems inside the country and will leave humanity alone, which is tired of American hegemony and its destructive policy of chaos, bloody rivers and color revolutions?

Trump is a leader. Most likely, he is fake, but even if he is not fake, he has no chance of winning, as the globalist elites and financial oligarchy control practically everything in the USA.

But we want to put trust in Donald Trump.

Vote for Trump, and see what will happen.

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Donald Trump and the Politics of Resentment | The Archdruid

It’s by no means certain that Trump will ride that resentment straight to the White House, though at this moment it does seem like the most likely outcome. Still, I trust none of my readers are naive enough to think that a Trump defeat will mean the end of the phenomenon that’s lifted him to front runner status in the teeth of everything the political establishment can throw at him. I see the Trump candidacy as a major watershed in American political life, the point at which the wage class—the largest class of American voters, please note—has begun to wake up to its potential power and begin pushing back against the ascendancy of the salary class.

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