The assassination of the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey | Colonel Cassad

So a regular zealot with his “Allah Akbar”, but behind him is some kind of intelligence Agency, which used him to achieve more far-reaching goals. That it could be MIT is not particularly hard to believe, because while there are benefits from this murder for Erdogan, the cost is very serious – if he wanted to annoy Russia, he could simply give the go-ahead to the FSA militants to come to the rescue of Aleppo, but not stupidly kill the Ambassador, which in no way will strategically improve the position in Northern Syria. Although we can not exclude that this came from the cadres in the MIT and the interior Ministry that remained after the aborted coup. The young officer was a fanatic, the perfect murder weapon, but who has sent this hand (unless it’s an unlikely example of a loner), that is the question. In my opinion the main suspects are Turkoman groups operating in Northern Syria (by the way they are very closely connected with the CIA), and the intelligence service of a foreign state.

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FSA on the outside, ISIS on the inside

The Turkish state run by the AKP presented the force they formed out of the gangs they nurtured as “FSA” during their invasion move in Jarablus. But it is known that there are a significant number of ISIS members in the gang groups consisting of different Turkmen and Sunni groups under the MİT. ISIS members who speak to the international press express their presence in Jarablus very clearly. Despite this, the Turkish state is trying to widen its area of invasion along with an attempted “Turkification” of Jarablus. The documents confiscated by Rojava forces show how some ISIS members were camouflaged.

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Erdogan’s ‘secret keeper’ under fire over Turkey coup lapse

Turkey’s shadowy spy chief Hakan Fidan has faced an unprecedented public dressing down in the wake of the failed coup but appears set to stay on in his post — at least for now.

There has been intense speculation over the future of Fidan, head of the National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) and widely seen as one of Turkey’s most powerful men, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said intelligence lapses had helped last week’s coup.

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Details of the military coup in Turkey, part 2 | Colonel Cassad

Turkish intelligence was able to learn about the threat of a coup few hours before its actual commencement and reported to the General staff, which makes an extremely ambiguous situation with the head of the General staff Hulusi Akar, who was allegedly arrested by the conspirators on the evening of 15 July and taken to the airbase Akinci under the Ankara, but whith the approval Ozturk, was collusion with the conspirators and knew everything.

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Preliminary exchange | Colonel Cassad

1. Russia proposed to start a truce in Syria since March, 1st.
2. The United States demanded a truce to start immediately.
3. In the end, agreed on a compromise that the truce will begin on February 19-20. Assad has about a week to improve his positions in Latakia and Aleppo.
4. List of opposition organizations that need to negotiate with Assad never agreed, so there is a high probability that the 2nd series of talks will end as the 1st.
5. The truce does not extend to the Caliphate and Al-Nusra, so that the war will not end as such.
6. In a number of government and opposition enclaves to begin humanitarian aid delivery. supply control issue (under the guise of which can be pumped weapons) remained open.
7. Between the American and Russian coalition should be made more dense contacts. This question will be discussed today.
8. The role of Turkey and the Kurdish question to remain behind the scenes.

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