Russia marking day of defeat of Nazi forces | TASS

August 23 marks 74 years since the day on which the Red Army defeated Nazi forces in what was destined to become the largest armor battle ever fought in human history – the Battle of the Kursk Salient.

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Ukraine is moving into a Nazi regime | Colonel Cassad

In Ukraine we see a kind of light version of fascism, which is largely an evil caricature of its historical predecessors. Thus, the current structure is not homeostasis, but it can “evolve” to the forms of power organization and the state, more characteristic of extreme forms of fascism. This was warned of almost immediately after the coup. Citizen Medina took almost three years of chasing the carrot of European integration, the war in the Donbass and “glory to Ukraine” to begin to suspect something.

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The Nazi roots of the European Union | Katehon

The CIA did not build the European Union from scratch. The most important contributions were made earlier by the Nazis. From a geopolitical point of view, the Third Reich, with its occupied countries of Europe and satellite states, represented a version of “united Europe.” Many Nazi achievements were later used by the Americans, which determined the aggressive anti-national and anti-Russian character of the modern European Union.

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