We cut all ties with Ukraine | Colonel Cassad

Those who are concerned with the fate of republics have been waiting for this step for almost three years. On the one hand, it is possible to grieve on the fact that for so long I had to wait, but on the other hand, a lot went wrong, not as we would have liked in 2014. Most importantly, in my opinion, this step is finally done. But the difficulties Donbass have learned to overcome more than anyone, so I am sure that the difficulties associated with the mutual blockade will be overcome, building a future separate from Ukraine.

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The regiment “Azov” in the fighting in the Donbass | Colonel Cassad

The use of Nazi symbols and ideology continued to plague Western society. 10 June 2015, the House of representatives of the United States Congress adopted the amendment, house members John Conyers and Ted Yoho, prohibiting the use of funds of the Department of defense for “the provision of weapons, training or other support for the regiment “Azov”” due to the fact that the openly fascist formation poses a serious danger for the Ukrainian people and the state

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On the death of Arsen Pavlov | Colonel Cassad

Regarding the death of “Motorola” yesterday’s reaction was more than revealing – on the one hand they were straining to prove that Pavlov was a nobody and nothing, and on the other side you heard a SQUEAL of animal joy that he finally was killed, so they hated him. Motorola was primarily a symbol, which he made himself. Of course, his popularity played a major role in the Russian and Ukrainian media that hyped an unknown person to the level of popularity of the leading commanders of new Russia, but it is worth remembering that arrived at Donbass in the normal volunteer, the popularity he earned himself taking part in combat and became famous with his actions in the defense of Slavyansk in Semenovka and Nikolaevka, and in the subsequent battles for Donetsk in Miusinsk and Ilovaisk.

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