Chronicle of the ant trail | Colonel Cassad

I have had a great desire to cover the whole battle in Aleppo, the mother (well, in a sense, the mother of all battles), but its significant geographical coverage and temporal duration make this virtually impossible in a single series. At the same time, didn’t want to crumple material for the sake of compactness of presentation. So I planned to make some small essays on the various parcels that could subsequently be folded the whole picture.Was selected a small area initially, it seemed that for him, hardly able to collect more or less coherent plot, but in the course of training began to accumulate more and more material. Well, what eventually happened, they learn not only all, but only the most persistent…

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700 Islamic State fighters still believed hiding in IED-infested Ramadi, thwarting civilian return | Japan Times

About 700 Islamic State fighters were believed to be hiding in the center and eastern outskirts of Ramadi on Wednesday, three days after Iraqi government forces claimed victory over the militants in the western city, the U.S.-led coalition said.

Much of the center of Ramadi, which previously had a population exceeding 400,000, still needs to be cleared of explosives laid by the jihadi insurgents who seized the city 100 km (60 miles) west of Baghdad in May, the coalition said.

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