War is our mother | Alexander Dugin


War and peace

There is an unfortunate prejudice, if the world is in all cases preferable to war. And despite an objective picture of human history, despite the constant and increasingly large-scale refutation of the pacifist utopias, this naive, extremely irresponsible position and did not think to evaporate. On the contrary, the argument of the world — “just war” — is becoming more and more decisive to make critical life-changing decision.

Too often, advocates of “peace at any price” endeavoring to confirm his belief with references to gospel, anti-militarist character of Christian ethics. But this is a semantic substitution. Remember the Savior’s words — “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world gives you, give I unto you” (Luke 14, 27). It is a pity that in the modern Russian language the word “peace” as peace like nevola and “world” as the universe have the same spelling but have completely different meaning.Before the reform of Lunacharsky, abolished in the Russian i, in the very writing of these words there was a visual difference — the “world” as nevola was written just as it is today through the usual “and” and the world as the universe, as the cosmos via i — Mir. It is therefore important that the “peace” which Christ has “the world nemirsky, transcendent, heavenly”. Moreover, in the above place of the gospel text is the juxtaposition highlighted the quality of the “world” of Christ is completely different than “the world” from “this world”.Easy to discern between these concepts contrast: the eternal rest of the heavenly Paradise opposes the main characteristic of this world Dolne, driven by incessant violent riot of the elements. Here remember of Heraclitus “strife is the father of things.” And so the “peace of Christ” is not the opposite of one of the lower States of reality, but this entire reality together. Paradoxically, the celestial realm, the world of the true world war with the earthly world, came under the power of the devil. And again it clearly says the Savior: “suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? no, I tell you, but division”.The separation of the sheep and the goats, went over the Christ, the Son of God, and remaining in the clutches of the devil. And these two groups, two camps will be among themselves irremovable hostility to the end of the century. The truce between them is impossible, and appeals to him blasphemous — between good and evil is no consensus. One of them is true, one thing really is, and that the only other complex test visibility.And “the peacemakers” are blessed only in so far as carrying it nemirsky peace of Christ” and not in vain calls for both sides to agree on something average, compromise, give-and-take.

Therefore, the output of modern pacifism of Christianity is totally incorrect already from the theological point of view. Love of enemies, refusal to accept rules dictated to the fallen Kingdom of the earth, i.e. from the whole to the opposition in a narrowly material, immanent sphere — Yes, it is directly derived from Christianity and its ethics. But the love of enemies does not negate the fact of hostility and battle, and refusal verification losers and winners narrowly terrestrial standards, does not mean the end to any war.Christian spiritual host of the New Jerusalem, sincerely and earnest waiting for the radiant city are their battle with the Antichrist and his servants, first hating and regretting the fall of the second. But it does not remove the intensity of the light of transcendental aggression. “Not peace, but a sword.”

If not for the false howls of a modern pseudo-religious pacifists, and be reminded of such simple things believers would not need. After all, the very expression “Lord Sabaoth” from Hebrew translated as “God of Hosts” (note that “heavenly host” is often in the liturgical practice of the ancient Jews was called the stars and their constellations).

Mobilized “birth from below”

You can arbitrarily cruel to punish “propaganda of war”, but war can not be avoided. Nowhere to go, not as it can not do. In war and battle built the foundations of this world, constitute his main quality. Being thrown into the earthly world, we in spite of ourselves mobilized to the front. And this fact we must accept. Unable to resolve in practice the problem of war, not answering one way or another on it, we are not able to move any sides of life.

Being born, we are destined to belong to this region of the world, which always is threatened. Consequently, we automatically mobilized in his defense, stepanie community, society, and their interests. Otherwise, in this imperfect sphere and can not be. There are, of course, and called to “spiritual warfare” seeking to fulfill the highest achievement is to win, following Christ to the world. It is curious that such fighters with the world is not only in the Christian Church, but also in other religions, and very often they are allocated in special caste. So, in Hinduism like caste are the “brahmanas”, “the priests”.And it is significant that by virtue of the caste of priests is “Ahimsa”, i.e. “not causing any harm to living beings, even at the cost of its own destruction”. This same “non-violent” ethics is characteristic of the Buddhist monks, especially for the higher hierarchy of Lamaism, which is a great sin even charged with involuntary homicide by careless gesture, the slightest gnats. Therefore, the highest Tibetan spiritual leaders, even the nose during a cold wipe novices out of fear that the Lama inadvertent swipe of the handkerchief will cause harm to the insect or mosquito.By the way, a similar attitude we see in some forms of Christian monastic life — especially the man of the Hesychasts, etc. But that peacekeeping is, in a sense, war — war (and brutal) against the devices of nature.

And all other types of people immersed in a continuous battle not so sublime order. they have to protect their labor, their land, their people, their country, themselves from the aggressive waves of the lower reality. But in this case one generated by the war, established her cut out for her standards, tempered it with fire.

The recognition of universal voennoobyazannyj of the human species, it was easy for the ancients, who with much more realism and more responsibility understanding life than we do. And here’s the weird thing — the harder runs modern humanity from the realism of war, from making her call, the more terrible and inhumane the conflict it unleashes, the deeper in a spiral of terror descends it into an abomination dirty mechanical slaughter, shamefully concealed from the eyes of the hypocritical majority. Hence the Pharisaic legal setting, banning “propaganda of war”. How low hypocrisy!If the war could be banned by decree if the collective agreement of mediocre ordinary people could so easily fix the essence of the element of determinate being!

War laughs at these pathetic attempts. And revenge. It is as ineluctable as death itself. And if somewhere beyond the horizons of flesh and located the narrow gate of immortality, walk in them clearly this is not all, and the townsfolk dream of it is not worth it. One who is not prepared to participate in the battle, someone who refuses the role of a soldier, the records themselves are not deserters, but in the victim. Sooner or later the war will catch it.But I will overtake, not as the living and free, not as worthy of challenging the rock noble beings, consciously assuming the burden of responsibility imposed by the conditions of birth in the earthly world, and how pathetic inanimate doll as a passive subject, intending to cheaply escape from the powerful predestination.

From war to leave and not have to try. It is important, however, to try to pinpoint his identity to his army, and to its parts, to learn the skills of martial arts and to get acquainted with the nearest commander. No matter, she already announced or not yet. The war will not wait. She’s predestinated. It is behind us, it is ahead. It’s been around. Another thing — what war, for what, with whom and where? But it is secondary. It turns out in the course of the case.

The main thing to be aware of the fact mobilization, accept it, live with it. And then begins another story.

Death as the teacher

The war is no more immoral than all other aspects of earthly existence. She just strips, multiplies, exposes the fact that in other areas is hidden, veiled, powdered. The mortality of man as one of the fundamental characteristics of its structure comes to the fore here. In a peaceful, civil society, the death shaded on the periphery, exhibited somewhat distant and uninvolved. In war, the death manifests itself as naked and intimate as a reality of direct experience. The finiteness of human beings there is found a fully.Therefore, a direct existential experience of the war becomes a philosophical fact. Everyone can be killed, but everyone can become a cause of death of another creature. Death as the most significant and profound moment of human destiny is full of opens as bilateral mechanism — as subject and object. Death personified, is people, subjects them to his particular logic, its own unique mood.

Frosted in light of the death of transformed reality, to change its shape familiar concepts. Through the mud and agony, through the ruined ramparts of corpses, through sticky shafts of fear and heart-rending fits of rage appear calm Gothic arches pacified Otherwise. The war has a secret peace, more alarming is Yes, says life.

Ernst jünger, the great war expert, author of the most insightful words about it, in the best poem, composed about the war in the famous book “War is our mother,” said, “that the war exposes before us that carefully hides a grave.” Latest destiny of the flesh, fosforescente, decaying, sweet stench of human embodiment opens in the battle and especially after the fight as an object lesson of practical theology. Modern man has lost sight of its roots, the stage of their origin, sincerely believed that his form was always that he himself is the Creator.He forgot that preceded it — the dust of the earth, and what he will return to the dust of the earth. The illusion of funeral offices, rituals and the world of the living take from the person the specifics of the corpse, the final logical range of transformations. The party being only interested in freaks and pervert, devoid of justification. And at the same time, it is the “remembrance of death”, the memory of death, pedagogy of contemplation of the corpse is the most important part of the spiritual maturation of the individual. But war brings it to the extreme.But it is possible that the fact of such excess is the answer organic life on the hypocritical, cowardly disgust, which manifest to the worlds the death of our contemporaries. Refusing attention to death in religious forms, they doom themselves to encounter it face to face with a more sinister and brutal circumstances.

So we forgot about death, that our consciousness is not able even for a moment I dwell on this experience. Hence the obsession in modern mass culture the theme of “the living dead”, “returning from hell”, etc. We can’t imagine truly dead, “a dead corpse”. The corpse remains for us always a little bit “alive”. And the war for its promiscuity, its exquisite blindness to his fatal scale back to vladychestva described our borders — here ends the man begins his Death.

Liquid “I”

If a person is open, the first thing he will find it — blood. Red salty warm water. The ancients regarded her with a clot of soul, the particular amazing substance in which the material passes into the immaterial, the carnal more than the carnal, earthly in the overhead. Hence the many taboos and ritual restrictions associated with blood and its use. Blood — the mystery of the mysterious contents of the human hard, his slender, thin “I”. Blood is life, its mystery.Not by chance some mystically oriented of the Bolsheviks (Bogdanov) was a popular idea that the equal division (via transfusion) blood of mankind should be to achieve universal immortality. That Bogdanov describes in a unique fantasy novel “Red Star” (incidentally, he died during the experience blood transfusion when after the revolution he headed the “Institute of Blood!”).In our century, the Bolshevik God-builders like the ancient Scythians, or of the Transylvanian vampire mystery blood again for a brief moment became the center of cultural and social attention.

War is a brilliant chance to see the power of this ancient sensitivity. The sacrament of war associated with the sacrament of blood.

Again, refer to the brilliant Junger, who wrote about it on the basis of the stunning military personal and existential experience:

“Yes, the blood lust. She Solana horror, but it is an intoxication. Such an insatiable thirst for blood. Tears of a warrior she covers a roll of red waves, when the groan cloud of death floating over the fields of fierce battles. Man, never fought for their lives, can’t eat these paints. Strange thing, but the appearance of the enemy on the horizon brings together with the last degree of fear relief from the severe, almost unbearable expectations. The lust of blood beating over war like a red sail dark galleys. The infinity of her desires brings with her a love fever.It overstrains the nerves when in the frenetic cities under a rain of flowers marching column “morituri”, “walking to death” in front of the March in the direction of the station with the last train. It boils in the crowds, emitting heart-rending from happiness cries of victory turned to these people. She is part of the emotional content of the soldier, marching as promised death hecatombe.The accumulated days, pre-emptive battle, full of painful tension night watch patrols when the flash bursts sanctify chain shooters, lust of blood hits like a foamy rage, while the human shafts are not rushed in the slaughterhouse dirty zone melee in the melee. All desires then merge into a single desire: to throw myself at the enemy, in obedience to the call of the blood to rush to him, without weapons, in a dizzy intoxication, with a unified force of tense fists. It has always been.” (“War is our mother”, Chapter 1)

Home know even plants

While we were talking about the spiritual and existential aspect of the war. But there is in the war and a different, intrinsic, life-affirming component on a common system of values.

War makes a person again and enormous personal effort to assert their belonging to the community. In this social, or national, if you will, the meaning of the war. War is always a collective matter, always aiming at some common goal or for the preservation of the people or the state, or to increase their power, their spaces, their vital regions. But all these types of war related to the notion of the uniqueness of cultural forms, as concrete and particular cultural form that makes people people, and the state government.In the war, the fate and extent of embeddedness in reality a complex collective project, giving meaning to the existence of people or civilization — both in small and in great. There always comes a moment when this cultural form falls upon the enemy, who wants her to break, to crumble, to digest, to assign. Or Vice versa, there always comes a moment when strength, power and excess internal energy demand of the outlet. And it may be carried out only at the expense of another.

Anyway, no-no and will score the alarming bell of war. No-no and will pull fresh blood piercing wind, accurately guessed by those who are most determined to fight. War has a beginning and an end as a historical period. But its inevitability, its frequency, regularity of their underlying ontological reasons it is superior to history, makes it obey him. And this gives it a special grandeur.

If people will not protect their people and their faith in the war, they lose touch with these people, will turn into a pathetic stray atoms, but their faith will lose its saving power, will be flat, ineffective, hypocritical melkovato morality. The renunciation of war, flight from war, unpreparedness for the war indicate a high degree of degeneration of the nation, losing its cohesion and vitality, the elastic forces. Those who are not willing to fight and die cannot really live. It’s already a Ghost, polusmerti, random shade, carried by the deflation in the dust of nothingness.So everywhere, even in the most peaceful of civilizations — Christian civilization has never stopped a cult of war and cult of the warrior, defender and Keeper, guard thin shape, which gave the nation the meaning and content. It’s no coincidence that honor the Orthodox St. George, a warrior for the Faith of the intercessor for Orthodox people, even the Savior of the earth, but the Orthodox (i.e. has already become on of the heavenly way) of the Kingdom.

Values of peoples, cultures and societies are proved in war and through war.

Valuable that paid blood. Well then, which lies at the basis selfless deed. Sublime what not a pity to give many lives — his and others.
Homeland is a concept imbued with death and blood of those who perished in the great feat of creating order out of disparate fragments of reality. Homeland — specific form, comprehensive all the value of all the approval, all transpersonal emotional reserves of the world, penetrating kind and generation. Jünger rightly observed that ”homeland awakens so the initial feeling that it is inherent in even the plants that refuse to grow in alien soil.”

As an epitaph, as a sublime justification of the dead is the only sacred word, and war as the path takes on new meaning for not only a passionate volunteer, athlete, hero or freelance, but for any ordinary person drawn into an intimate moment the voice of his own nature.

“You may be afraid of direct contact with Death and blood (although you shouldn’t do that), but in the face of the Motherland, values above all the values, you have no right to a personal opinion, in their position. You have to go to war. You have no choice.”

One who does not recognize values above himself, i.e. one who is not willing to die once for the ideal, one of the cleanest and specific, tightly grasp the form of which is homeland, he has no right to call himself a man. No sufficient ontological Foundation in order to live.

To fulfill that obligation

How strange a contrast to all this, it would seem so clear, self-evident, self-evident, with an attitude that prevails today. And not only in the pacifism case. One gets the impression that blurred, oblitsov, vital link, yarns, strands, which must in the normal case to connect thought and action, ideology and psychology, the manner of reflection and the elementary logic of actions and channels their reflection, evaluation and informed choice of future paths… Such a trashy state as this one, apparently, has never been.Thousands of diagnoses from different sides could come to our situation, and they are all extremely pessimistic, bitter, lacking hope.

Among other things, it is also clear that we have completely lost the will for war, we betrayed the war that we are either ashamed, or protrusive, or finally losing his mind, refused to do what have to do in moments of storm alarm all the Nations — i.e. to fight.

The darkness of peoples and of people, cultures and religions have left us, Russian, fatal call. The West as a civilization denies us the right that we could be different from their civilization — and this is war. Our former brothers in a single state refuses to respect our strength and our scale — and this is also war. Western neighbors, encourage Atlanticist power, threatening to shake us sickly red Cams — and this is war. Asian hordes mow the evil eye on our southern and Eastern open spaces — and this is war. Our good news, suffered, wept, won us the delight of the Russian Spiritual Dreams spat upon by supporters of other cultural forms — and this is war. We are rapidly dissolve into nothingness like a Ghost, losing its unity, its unity, its Russian, original, unique, disturbing and boundless “I” — and this is war.

Surrounds us, we are invitingly licks the coarse language flame war.
How long will this unconscious dream?

How long to wait to in the den, soundly aberration woke up our once so proud and so exalted spirit — the spirit brave and loyal to the Motherland people?

How to appeal to us in tears

Writhing on the side of the graves of our ancestors, who see all, but can’t accommodate, to accept, to realize the shame of their ogloszenia flock daring the visiting hypnotists descendants?

But if pale, narrow-minded criminal scum, having examined the title of this article, grimaced lips and bootnet irritated — “again we want to make cannon fodder” — let him drown yesterday’s lunch, choke tawdry commercials. Good for them we say otherwise, okay, the war is not yours, but ours, ours, and our Mother.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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