The Gloves are off in Iraqi politics: Opponents are Iran and the “Axis of Resistance”

Elijah J. Magnier

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By Elijah J. Magnier – @ejmalrai

Lebanon managed to cleanse its northern-eastern borders of over 8,000 al-Qaeda members and their families, evacuated since last August into Idlib, the northern Syrian city. The entire world, including the Lebanese, was watching the deal and observing how the Lebanese political authority (President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri) favoured this Hezbollah outcome. The group managed to liberate Arsal outskirts and eliminated al-Qaeda from its territory. The US moved only to recall its Lebanese supporters who were being enthusiastically dragged behind Hezbollah on media and social media.

One month later, Hezbollah informed President Aoun of its intention to start the battle against “Islamic State” with or without the Lebanese Army Forces (LAF), from the Syrian territory. Aoun, as an ex-Army general, understood Hezbollah’s attack would push ISIS towards Lebanon, making the LAF battle much…

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