The rebels refuse to participate in U.S.-Russian deal | Colonel Cassad

Part of the militant groups in southern Syria refused to participate in U.S.-Russian deal on Syria. Those who refused to participate were the groups associated with “Al-Nusra”, which is not surprising.

Thus, as before, it is possible to diagnose the simple fact that the United States are unable (or unwilling) to exercise full control over those groups, to which they always commit themselves.

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Final Shots: the Clintons and Colombian Death Squads | Alexander Cockburn

With virtually no opportunity for the human rights community to 
respond, the Clinton administration effectively created a way to avoid the
whole question of human rights in Colombia. As 
Jack Laun of the Colombia Support Network said bitterly, “This unilateral 
interpretation trivializes the role of Congress in allocating funds and undermines
the work of countless human rights organizations that have testified time and
again to the need to consider human rights abuses in Colombia.”

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