The beginning of the US-Russian truce | Colonel Cassad

The truce is of course will not stop the war, and will be another temporary backup as long as there are no long-term agreements on the future of Syria. Real negotiations on the future of Syria between the major coalitions and their fellow travelers will start after the Caliphate is defeated and the boundaries of the spheres of influence of the parties are determined, which will become a platform for talks on the Syrian settlement and the interests of the major participants in the war, or serve as starting positions for the next phase of the war, without the Caliphate.

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Military implications of the talks in Astana | Colonel Cassad

Organized by Russia and Turkey, talks in Astana on Syria ended on 24 January with two results. The first, of a diplomatic nature, was the statement in which these two States and Iran agree to strengthen the fragile truce, approved in late December, after the capture of Aleppo by the government forces.Second, the military result was the resumption of fighting between moderate rebels and jihadists in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo: they are sharply intensified, reaching an unprecedented three year mark. This is one of the unwritten rules of the Syrian crisis: lull in fighting rebels and loyalists means the rise of the bloodshed in the camp of Assad’s opponents.

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