Turkish troops on the border with Idlib | Colonel Cassad

Work continues on the transfer of Turkish armored vehicles to the Turkish-Syrian border, where Turkey shares a border with Idlib.

Apparently they are really preparing the deployment of Turkish troops in the Western districts of Idlib to take control of the border and remove “Al-Nusra”.

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Patrick Cockburn on al-Qaeda’s resurgence in Syria | PODCAST

Al-Qaeda is creating its most powerful stronghold ever in north-west Syria at a time when world attention is almost entirely focused on the impending defeat of Isis in the east of the country. It has established full control of Idlib province and of a vital Syrian-Turkish border crossing since July. “Idlib Province is the largest al-Qaeda safe haven since 9/11,” says Brett McGurk, the senior US envoy to the international coalition fighting Isis.

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The West Supplied Chemical Weapons to Syrian Rebels | Moscow Times

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday there is evidence that the West is supplying chemical weapons to militants in Syria.

“Yes, it’s true,” she told the state-funded Vesti FM radio station on Thursday morning. “Western countries and regional powers are directly and indirectly supplying militants, terrorists and extremists in Syria with banned toxic substances.”

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Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad

The war is far from over, but now the contours of key tasks are being seen, the solution of which will allow Talk about the end of the Syrian war.Will this happen in 2018 or later, will depend first of all on the successes of the Syrian military and their Russian and Iranian allies. What we see now is the consistent harvesting of what was planted in 2015-2016 Years. It is not without problems, but the general trend is quite favorable and promises further territorial acquisitions.

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