Briefly about Syria | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday the blockade around the “green” areas of Aleppo was physically closed, the army went onto the road at Costello. De facto, the ring existed before, so as to move on the highway due to dense fire was almost impossible. But now, the route came under the control of the army in the truest sense of the word. Fighting for the farm Mallah seriously wore out the green, which suffered heavy losses in men and materiel, but were unable to break through the defense of the SAA in the mallah farms and push the Syrians to Jendarata. Continued fighting in the Aleppo, but there are no significant changes.Overall, the SAA gradually pressurizes green to the North of Aleppo and gradually converts its small tactical advance in a major operational success, which yesterday took quite a tangible form. The rate of the transfer operations to the North of the city itself, yet justifies. Countermeasures “green” in the Castello district was cropped, and a tactical victory green under al-Karasi and North-West of al-Khader has not led to the desired “green” to alleviate the situation to the North of the city.

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Aleppo Bottleneck | Colonel Cassad

Forcing the defensive line of “Al-Nusra” in southwest Aleppo, the army in recent days has completely taken control of the farm Mallah and established fire control over a key road near Aleppo. Attempts physically to block the road have had no success, because of powerful counter-attacks as potential inside of the boiler, and from the outside. The attack is carried out by a conglomerate of different groups, the main of which is “Al-Nusra” and “Fallah al-sham”. The need is urgent to save the situation in Aleppo has forced green to reduce activity in Northern Latakia and Northern Hama province.

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Rif Aleppo: the decisive battlefield in the Syrian civil war

Most Syrian army field commanders now individually report that Nusra is the more formidable force, one of them describing Isis as “television terrorists”, suggesting that their video horrors impress the West more than their own Syrian soldiers. Although Syrian troops have been executed en masse by Isis, new arms shipments – paid for and transported, the Syrians believe, by Qatar – have made Nusrah a far more formidable force.

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The contours of Aleppo boiler | Colonel Cassad

All major groups now send the reserves to the neckline of a potential boiler from the Aleppo and Idlib. If Assad’s troops will be able to build the road defensive line and repel the coming counterattack “green”, then in the next couple of days we will see the formation of the Aleppo boiler, which in addition to the 7-8 thousand militants will be up to 200,000 civilians living in neighborhoods controlled by “green”.

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Syrian Government Forces Close In On Aleppo

Footage released by the government controlled Syrian Central Military Media (SCMM) purports to show heavy mortars, rocket launchers, airstrikes and tank fire pounding opposition targets in the area.

The footage, which can not be independently verified, then shows an advance of ground troops.

According to the Beirut-based Pan Arab TV Al-Mayadeen, government forces will now be able to fire upon and attempt to close the strategic Castello road that links rebel-held parts of Aleppo with the rest of the country.

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