The losses | Colonel Cassad

In the Main military clinical Burdenko hospital officially confirmed that at the 56th ICU is head of Department of combat training of the headquarters of the Western military district, major-General Peter Melugin, which was taken from Syria with serious injuries. As told by several sources close to the defense Ministry, major-General about two months was in Syria subordinate to the commander of the Russian troops, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov. The incident occurred on February 16 in HOMS province, when Melugin along with five Russian servicemen were driving from the airport Ties to the city of HOMS in the armored vehicle “Tiger” in the convoy.

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About the crashed MiG-21 in the province of Hatay | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday near the Syrian-Turkish border, the Syrian air force lost a MiG-21. The car fell on Turkish territory in Hatay province. The Turkish military closer to the night moved to the site of the crash in which the pilot was not, as he had to bail out. In the end, the Turks found a wounded pilot, who is now in a Turkish hospital, where he was given necessary help.

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