The regiment “Azov” in the fighting in the Donbass | Colonel Cassad

The use of Nazi symbols and ideology continued to plague Western society. 10 June 2015, the House of representatives of the United States Congress adopted the amendment, house members John Conyers and Ted Yoho, prohibiting the use of funds of the Department of defense for “the provision of weapons, training or other support for the regiment “Azov”” due to the fact that the openly fascist formation poses a serious danger for the Ukrainian people and the state

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Ukraine is moving into a Nazi regime | Colonel Cassad

In Ukraine we see a kind of light version of fascism, which is largely an evil caricature of its historical predecessors. Thus, the current structure is not homeostasis, but it can “evolve” to the forms of power organization and the state, more characteristic of extreme forms of fascism. This was warned of almost immediately after the coup. Citizen Medina took almost three years of chasing the carrot of European integration, the war in the Donbass and “glory to Ukraine” to begin to suspect something.

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“Givi”. Interim results | Colonel Cassad

Stated investigative measures concerning alleged killers, at the moment, no concrete results have not given. On scene investigations are continuing.

Basic version of the incident: a RPO “Shmel” was shot into the office of “Givi”. The killer knew when “Givi” is in the office, that is, were followed by direct observation (including on-site location), had a plan of approach and departure from the protected area.

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