An inconvenient truth | Colonel Cassad

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who became widely known after investigations linked with the supply of the US and Saudi Arabia of weapons to terrorists in Syria was fired from the newspaper “Trud” on the eve of another trip to Syria, where she was supposed to continue her research.

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The attacks in Tanta and Alexandria | Colonel Cassad

It is obvious that the strikes are an attempt by DAESH to make up for losses in battles with the Egyptian army in the Sinai Peninsula, where the army and security forces struggling to cauterize the ulcer of the Caliphate of the sparsely populated areas of the Sinai. In late March, the army conducted a successful RAID in the mountainous areas, the result of which was eliminated several militants, and 30 captured.

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The attack in Stockholm |Colonel Cassad

In Central Stockholm the truck at full speed rammed the people in the pedestrian zone. Reported at least 3 dead and several injured.

The truck rammed the crowd crashed into the window. While silent about the attack, but the handwriting is similar to the attacks in Germany and France. Swedish police checks the version of terrorist attack as the main.

Swedish broadcaster SVT reports that in the center of Stockholm shots were heard.
The Prime Minister of Sweden stated that it was a terrorist attack. In Stockholm closed metro and the Parliament building of the country.

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The elimination of militants in Astrakhan. The explosion in Rostov | Colonel Cassad

Four suspects in the murder of police officers and assaulting employees of Regardie offered armed resistance during the RAID and were eliminated, said senior assistant SU TFR in the region Andrey Khegay. “The operation just completed. On the concrete slab are the bodies of the three suspects. It was a battle between law enforcement and suspects,” said Khegay, adding that the special operation took place in the industrial sector Leninsky district. He recalled that earlier it was destroyed by one of the suspects Ramzan Kukolew.

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Hegemony and the attack in St. Petersburg: the role of the sixth column | Alexander Dugin

The sixth column does not go to the square and blows himself up in the car of the St. Petersburg metro. But it – as part of the global liberal globalist network carries the principal responsibility. Because it creates the preconditions for this, the starting conditions. Russia stubbornly resists the stranglehold of globalization. And we suffer and pay with the lives of our people, our loved ones in St. Petersburg or in the Donbass for it. And it is increasingly clear that the choice of camp is not just positioning. There is something deeply religious, as the renunciation of Satan or the service.

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