The axis Moscow-Ankara-Tehran, forced march | Dedefensa

What are their effects that it is necessary to weigh decisively in relation to the shape of the battle in progress, and especially compared to the power of the adversary which cannot be defined neither geographically nor strategically nor politically, because it is a System, a civilization in collapse, – that is to say,a dynamic that hits us all as we are the actors, which is not only an opponent but also the general framework of our activities it must, however, push it toward its own self-destruction.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Axis Moscow-Baku-Tehran

It is very important that the eyes improve relations Russia and Iran with Azerbaijan, although earlier in this complicated geopolitical configuration was a lot of problems. First of all, due to the fact that both Russia and Iran have traditionally close relations with Armenia, which is the regional enemy of Azerbaijan. The Karabakh problem complicates the situation.But lately, between Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan was reached mutual understanding on Karabakh problem: all agree that the first step to its solution must be the return of five adjacent to Karabakh, occupied by Armenians during the escalation of the Karabakh war. This will support both Moscow and Tehran. When they come under the control of Baku, opens the possibility of admission of Azerbaijan to the EEU and the CSTO.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Independence day USA

USA is not a country, it is the embodiment of a dead-end path of evolution, the decline of Western civilization. If the Americans had at least a small sense of proportion, they are quite satisfied with their own successes and created his own world, finding a form of balance with other cultures and peoples. But the lack of taste, style and proportions is fatal. Therefore, the American monster will go on its way, yet not fall into the abyss. This is the fate of the titans.

All the titans sooner or later falls into the pit of hell, which is their Motherland. But the most important thing for us is not to allow them to take us with him. Today, the only worthy of the name independence is independence from the United States of America and enveloped the entire planet’s networks of influence.

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Geopolitics of Perestroika and the Collapse of the USSR | Alexander Dugin

The disintegration of the USSR signified, from a geopolitical point of view, an event of colossal importance, affecting the entire structure of the global geopolitical map. According to its geopolitical features, the confrontation of the West and East, the capitalist camp and socialist one, with its core in the USSR, represented the peak of the deep process of the great war of the continents, a planetary duel between the civilization of Land and the civilization of the Sea, raised to the highest degree of intensity and to a planetary scale. The entire preceding history led to the tense apogee of this battle, which received precisely in 1991 its qualitative resolution. In this moment, together with the death of the USSR, the collapse of the civilization of Land was realized

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The outlines of the American strategy in Syria | Colonel Cassad

The Americans finally came to realize that the old concepts do not work and now have hastily adjusted, choosing from the different options available to them. Hard power scenario with the participation of American forces in the war in Syria. It certainly is in reality not American bombing Assad’s forces, as the deployment of Russian air defense systems (de-facto Russia has deployed over Assad umbrella protecting him from a “no-fly zones”), the option is fraught between armed forces of nuclear States. However, this question goes beyond the scope just conversations. Yesterday the Pentagon chief Carter on the meeting of the Senate Committee presented proposals of the Obama administration for military options in the us strategy in Syria and Iraq.

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