The situation at Aleppo to 08.08.2016 | Colonel Cassad

The plans of the rebels is to attack Hamadani that attack via quarries of the district South of Ramouseh the way to the water station and the ousting of the SAA and Hezbollah” from the cement plant.

According to the latest reports, started artillery and mortar shelling of the building of 3000 – obviously preparing to attack.

Strikes are applied to the construction 1070 and Northern artillery base (probably thus want to prevent the fighters to concentrate for attack on building 3000). Artillery SAA and “Hezbollah” covers the area of the gas station and the Northern part of Ramouseh.

In addition to straightforward plans associated with the recaptured Northern part of Ramouseh and artillery base, the SAA and its allies have another alternative – take the towns and Amir tal-Mahrukat, and then set fire control over the road Khan tuman – Ramouseh. At this stage we are seeing as attacks on Ramouseh and attempts to recapture tal-Mahrukat. Apparently still undecided.

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