The battle for Aleppo. 18.11.2016 | Colonel Cassad

The main fighting as before takes place to the West and South-West of Aleppo. Amid the massive application of artillery and air strikes on the line of Haritan – Kafr NAMRU – Rashidin 4 – Rashidin 5, the SAA continues to push insurgents “al Nusra” and the FSA from the positions where they are in after the August and September attempt to relieve the city.

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Hasakah – Are U.S. Troops “Advising” Kurds To Attack The Syrian Army? | M of A

Syrian government forces are attacked by Kurdish troops who are “advised” by U.S. special forces. According to the U.S. spokesperson the Syrian air force is not allowed to defend them? What has this to do with “fighting ISIS” in eastern Syria, allegedly the sole reason for U.S. troops being in Syria at all?

The Syrian air force was back over Hasakah today and continued to bomb position from which the Syrian army was attacked. They would not be flying there without Russian consent. Does the U.S. military want to start a fight with the Syrian air force and its Russian backers?

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Islamic State hits U.S.-backed Syrian Unicorn base near Iraq border

Islamic State suicide bombers on Sunday attacked a military base for U.S.-backed fighters near the Syrian-Iraqi border, leaving several dead before blowing themselves up, rebel sources and the militants said on Sunday.

They said the dawn attack on the heavily defended military camp near the Syrian al Tanf border crossing with Iraq involved at least one explosive-laden vehicle that rammed the gate of the base which was set up by the fledgling, Pentagon-trained New Syria Army.

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A US base in Northern Syria | Colonel Cassad

The American base in the area of Kobani (Syrian Kurdistan). Satellite photos:

(the link allows you to see how this place looked before the war) marked 3 helicopter and 2 of the heliplane. Base plays an important role in JSOC operations in Northern Syria. Of course, from the point of view of international law, its presence on the territory of Syria is illegal, but when has international law stopped anyone?

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