U.S. Preps for Infowar on Russia | DailyBS

a bipartisan initiative led by Republican Sen. Rob Portman and Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy has authorized $160 million over two years to fight propaganda state actors through a little-known interagency office housed at the State Department called the Global Engagement Center (GEC).

Bipartisan Russian sanctions legislation, proposed last month by Sens. Ben Cardin and John McCain, would expand it even further, dedicating an additional $100 million for the GEC and others to support objective Russian-language journalism, counter “fake news,” and support research on the effects of information warfare.

The GEC will track foreign propaganda campaigns, analyze the tactics, and counter them through a series of grants to overseas journalists, civil-society organizations, and private companies.

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Why is Russia losing the information war?

Violence in the modern world is becoming soft and elegant, adopting the latest discoveries in the field of art, science, engineering and information technology. But it is not enough to subdue the enemy will, it should be disarmed. This is the case in information and psychological wars. Here the most important means to achieve this goal are language and images. It is in the “corrupt language” some scholars see the essence of sophistry. In “the corruption of the words” and, to put it scientifically, the destruction of the semiotic structure of a sign loses its communicative character and touch with reality.

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