“Keys and visions for a metapolitical resistance in Spain.” | 4PT.SU

The seminar resumed with the intervention of José Javier Esparza, who under the title “From the New Right to the ‘alt-right'”, briefly explained the formation, nature and historical journey of the school of thought known as New Right, Impact on the movements of the “alternative right,” and their relationship to the specifically American complex of Alt-Right tendencies, their nature and character, analyzing the role played by that phenomenon in Donald Trump’s campaign in the last elections , The profile of the voters of the new president and the reasons for the latter’s victory.

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Refused Service | Colonel Cassad

Instead, the United States announced the preparations for the attack on Raqqa. The idea looks, under current conditions, like an adventure. Previous attempt to attack on Raqqa failed (as well as Syrian-the Russian March on Tabqa), and in the current environment to sign the Kurds to March on Raqqa will be much more difficult, because they are more concerned with confrontation with Turkey to throw their best part in the March to the South, where they are waiting for losses and meaningless battles on the outskirts of Raqqa. So there is more PR and reminder that is announced for 2016-the year of the capture of Raqqa is still supposedly possible. In fact, in 2016, the year of the capture of Raqqa is extremely unlikely as efforts by the US and the Kurds, and the efforts of Russia and Syria. It is a question of 2017, the year, and that the parties will deal with more mundane tasks associated with the occupation of Aleppo and Mosul.

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Catalan Parliament Votes To Secede From Spain

In the aftermath of last month’s Brexit vote, there was an outpouring of concern in Europe that the British decision would embolden similar separatist movements across the continent. Earlier Wednesday, this is precisely what happened when Catalan nationalists voted to approve a plan to secede from Spain, defying the nation’s Constitutional Court and challenging acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who is currently in political limbo as he struggles to form a government.

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