Populism, sovereignty and meme on Putin: in the head of the Italian rossobruni | VICE

In modern times, the greatest ideologue of this thinking current is Alexander Dugin. His declination shifted the focus from the “third way” to transforming the ideological background into a metaphorical cauldron-shaped cauldron in which it ripples a bit of everything: esotericism, theories of the new right, realistic socialism, aesthetic elements of economic discourse Marxist. The resulting chaos has drawn political forces from every corner of the spectrum, right and left, identifying a common enemy in the United States – as a country and as a civilization – and in liberalism as an ideological, moral and (only sometimes) economic.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Elections in Austria and the referendum in Italy

For Europe, there are now two beacons of light embodying victory over the Swamp – Trump in America and Putin in Russia. Both West and East are now working according to the same plan. Now, all that remains is to deliver the final blow to the Brussels Atlanticists and European liberal maniacs. The results on December 4th might be another milestone similar to Brexit, Trump’s victory, and the Atlanticists’ defeat in Bulgaria and Moldova.

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