New Flagship:


Did a substantial upgrade of the site I think that he will now be most quick platform – a kind of aggregator – Eurasian geopolitical thinking, analysis, evaluations, assessments, positions, etc. Our goal is to connect there is an intellectual effort of a Eurasian think tank, as the website on which we have worked, some will change its format and will evolve independently. We will focus from now on There will be articles, video blogs, etc. The same place the archive of geopolitical texts, textbooks, forecasts, videos, courses, etc. There will also be information on conferences, lectures, and other events of the Eurasian orientation. We start with 4 languages – English Russian Spanish and Serbian, because now there are 4 groups of enthusiasts who enthusiastically engaged in a geopolitical monitoring and intellectual war for a multipolar world. But it’s a start. Language base can grow and expand.

I invite everybody to cooperation.

Alexander Dugin


Stauffenberg was Right!

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