The situation in Aleppo 16.04.2016 | Colonel Cassad

By the middle of the month the battle of Aleppo continues to be key to the progress and outcome of the Syrian war. Irrespective of the partly existing truce (which adheres to only a part of the “green” tied to the United States) and the holding of Syria’s elections (which will not be recognized by the West, “green” and the Kurds and de facto little influence on that), the war goes on and all 3 sides of the conflict take an active part in the operations under Aleppo. As before the fights go in different directions, where the parties are fighting among themselves. As previously noted is the fact that all 3 parties are trying to conduct offensive operations to achieve decisive results related to control of roads and settlements in Aleppo, which should provide advantages in the fight for the city itself divided into zones of control.

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