Pro-Turkish militants want to negotiate with Syria and Russia | Colonel Cassad


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While a decent enough pace of developing the operations of the CAA in the district of Arak and Resafa in the direction of Deir ez-Zor, the Syrian government announced the planned progress in the negotiations with moderate militants, in large quantity ready not only to stop the struggle with Damascus, but also to help the CAA to destroy the “al-Nusra”.

More than ten thousand fighters in the provinces of Hama, HOMS and Idlib willing to negotiate for a joint struggle against the group “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”*, told RIA Novosti the head of the national Council for peace and reconciliation in Syria, Sheikh Saleh Naimi. According to Naimi,they are ready to fight terrorists in the case of “direct support from Russia.”
If to speak about quantity, thousands of them. I’ve provided a list of 6700 people, now the number exceeds 10 thousand. It’s in the Crease and Talibani (province of HOMS), Hama and Idlib. Under our guidance they (the militants) has established a coordinating political Committee”, — he said. Naimi spoke about the desire of the Council to hold a meeting in Ankara between the armed opposition and the Russian side, “where they (militants — ed.) will say that they are for”.

“I will give instructions to those commanders to raise flags and they are ready to participate in the liberation of Deir ez-Zor. The issue is very serious and not urgent”, — said the head of the national Council.
According to him, in Ankara about two weeks ago came a group of commanders of the so-called moderate armed opposition willing to meet with the Russian Ambassador in Turkey and the military attaché, as soon as they get permission from the Russian side.
“I’ll tell you, and you may not believe this: the party (armed opposition — ed.) want of reconciliation and wants to finish with the war and such more than 90%. They want to return to civilian life and to receive Amnesty. But they are afraid and do not trust. Our task is to create a team that will sow in them a sense of confidence,” said Naimi.According to him, the official Damascus “honorably fulfills his promises”, Russia — “international player, and plays a very important role in the Syrian crisis.”
The head of the national Committee stressed that the Syrian leadership does not preclude contacts with representatives of various opposition, including abroad, since these actions are directed primarily at finding ways to end the crisis. – zinc

PS. It is not difficult to guess we are talking about those provinces where there is significant influence of Turkey, which as part of backroom deals with Moscow, and within the framework of the negotiation process in Astana, had previously made commitments on delimitation of their “proxy” to the radical Islamists. That is, Turkey undertook to do what could not or did not want to do USA. This has already led to an aggravation in 2016, conflict-oriented Turkey “Ahrar al-sham” with “An-Nusra” in Idlib, with hundreds dead on both sides, including dozens of field commanders.Not coincidentally, a possible arrangement connected with consultations in Ankara, which tied part of the so-called “good terrorists”. Well, the desire to obtain guarantees from Russia, reflecting the increased role of our country in the process of resolving the Syrian conflict. On the 7th year of the war it became clear that these issues can be discussed and resolved completely without the involvement of the United States.

The national Council for reconciliation have repeatedly proved their effectiveness, contributing to the surrender and disarmament of many green enclaves in 2016-2017 with the removal of bitter in Idlib. Assad in this respect showed itself very far-sighted politician, having built this mechanism of reconciliation with the improvement of the military situation it was very useful, as every war ends sooner or later, and with a part of fighters in one form or another will have to agree.Military victories allowed Assad to negotiate on their own terms and the militants were forced to accept it, while in December 2015, they flatly refused to discuss any agreement with Assad. But after a year and a half, they not only agreed to negotiate with him in Astana, but also began to take him to the enclaves, and are now discussing the possibility of the actual out of the war with Damascus. Of course not willingly, but under the influence the changed political and military situation, and under the influence the changed priorities of Erdogan.

Of course, this does not concern only the “green” camp, which Turkey controls only partially (along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, USA and Israel), but in case of success of this enterprise in these areas, opportunities for a final cessation of hostilities in large parts of Syria, where on the one hand the guarantors will make Syria and Russia, and on the other hand – Turkey.If this story will be a success, it will be another quite significant marker that suggests that at this stage, Erdogan intends to stand by its commitments to Russia and Iran. It is highly likely that the intensification of the process of inter-Syrian settlement within Turkish capabilities, is considered in the framework of a package deal, where among other things discusses the “Turkish stream”, the delivery of s-400, Turkish tomatoes, utrinski question and the fate of Syrian Kurdistan.

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