The Second Humanism | Alexander Dugin

The second humanism draws attention to the fact that the subject (cogito of Descartes) is not an immanent given, but a concept associated with a certain culture and, accordingly, with παιδεια, that is, educational and scientific practices. Here science comes to the understanding that the dismantling of medieval dogmas has led to the emergence of a new dogmatism – the dogmas of the Enlightenment – the subject, object, reality, matter, cognition, rationality, progress, history, etc. So the prerequisites are laid for what later turned into Postmodern, which, as we shall see later, was, in fact, a false start.

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The conference “From Atlantic to Pacific: for a common destiny of the peoples of Eurasia” | VIDEO

The international conference “From Atlantic to Pacific: for a common destiny of the peoples of Eurasia” has taken place on the 26-27 of May in the capital of Moldova. Among the participants there are the leading intellectuals from Moldova, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, France. The main goal of the conference is the the analysis of the crisis of European union and modernity and the development of the new political theory, which will be the the alternative to the liberal totalitarianism.

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It is necessary to re-think the Western pattern of thinking: Western modernity is coming to its end, we are living today in the “completion” of modernity, in this process, which is now unfolding in history. The globalists try to transform this into an eternal process, they do not offer a new world order, but they offer a new chaos. This is a new strategy of destruction: inevitable, thoughtless.

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