The Art of the Backstab | Colonel Cassad

emails leaked to the Network may prove that the White house approved the use of chemical weapons in Syria, writes tabloid the Daily Mail. “Such an attack could be accused of the Assad regime, which in turn would encourage the use of foreign troops in the affected country,” – says journalist Louise Boyle.

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The attack in Stockholm |Colonel Cassad

In Central Stockholm the truck at full speed rammed the people in the pedestrian zone. Reported at least 3 dead and several injured.

The truck rammed the crowd crashed into the window. While silent about the attack, but the handwriting is similar to the attacks in Germany and France. Swedish police checks the version of terrorist attack as the main.

Swedish broadcaster SVT reports that in the center of Stockholm shots were heard.
The Prime Minister of Sweden stated that it was a terrorist attack. In Stockholm closed metro and the Parliament building of the country.

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USA attacked the air base Shayrat | Colonel Cassad

USA is pretending to not understand obvious things. They turned a blind eye to a terrorist use of chemical weapons in Iraq, as officially reported by Baghdad. They dismiss documented documents about the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in Aleppo. So you can only condone international terrorism, to strengthen it and to expect new attacks using weapons of mass destruction.

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Daily Mail deleted article about US plan to stage chemical attack in Syria | Fort Russ

“Emails, supposedly proving that the White House gave approval for carrying out chemical attack in Syria, which would be blamed on Assad regime and in turn would strengthen international military operations in the country. The published report contains correspondence between the two senior officials of the British-based company Britam Defence, which states that plan “approved by Washington” suggests that Qatar will finance the use of chemical weapons by rebel forces in Syria,” – the article says.

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Trump stabs America in the back again

ISIL launches offensive near military base targeted by US missiles

Why US Attack in Syria Seems to Be ‘Pre-Planned’

New Scenarios: Possible Reasons Behind US Missile Attack in Syria

Furious Putin calls US airstrikes an ‘illegal act of aggression’

US missile strikes: Russia announces plan to bolster Syrian air defences

Russia says US air strikes in Syria came ‘within an inch’ of military clash with their forces

Russian MoD Suspends Deconfliction Channel With US on Syria Flights From April 8

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Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad

The story with chemical attack develops quite traditional and expected. After stuffing, the militants and the West rushed to accuse “bloody Assad regime” and called the UN security Council, launched a campaign in the press, and trump even said that he changed his attitude to Assad, simultaneously kicking Obama for a prior policy and recommending Russia to change its attitude toward Assad. Russia of course denies everything, in the UN security Council prospects for any anti-Syrian resolution in the objective investigation as nobody is interested, so that the subject “chemical weapons” will be traditionally another element of the information war.

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The elimination of militants in Astrakhan. The explosion in Rostov | Colonel Cassad

Four suspects in the murder of police officers and assaulting employees of Regardie offered armed resistance during the RAID and were eliminated, said senior assistant SU TFR in the region Andrey Khegay. “The operation just completed. On the concrete slab are the bodies of the three suspects. It was a battle between law enforcement and suspects,” said Khegay, adding that the special operation took place in the industrial sector Leninsky district. He recalled that earlier it was destroyed by one of the suspects Ramzan Kukolew.

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