Tanks in Severomorsk | Colonel Cassad

IS-3 and M4A2″Sherman” on the go during the celebrations of Navy day in Severomorsk. Lend-lease “Sherman” is part of lifted cargo from the wreck of March 1945, the transport “Thomas Donaldson”. The machine is successfully restored to the running status of military personnel of the Northern Fleet.

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T-55: The Third World’s Main Argument | Tankarchives

The T-54, a logical improvement on the T-44, was designed at factory #183 in Nizhniy Tagil (the future UralVagonZavod), and was the main tank of the first post-war decade. The first T-54 prototypes were created during WWII, in late 1944 and early 1945. The tank was accepted into service in 1946, and production began that same year. The T-54 was ahead of other tanks in its class in all parameters. The design was so progressive that the Soviet Army had no need to develop a replacement for over a decade.

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Kalashnikov to show next generation of Russian weapons at Army 2016 | TASS

For the first time publicly present the range of our proactive development, in particular, will be shown prototypes of the new sniper rifles ICS and VSV-338, a prototype of the gun 9×19 mm Lebedeva in the new version, as well as a prototype of a compact 5.45 mm machine, which is being developed as a light and maneuverable weapon in close combat for special forces.

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