Tillerson disappointed | Colonel Cassad

It is difficult to say what is expected of the new US plenipotentiary representative for Ukraine, it is obviously a transfer-communicative link in the relations between Washington and Moscow. Previously, this role played Nuland, now it was replaced by Volcker. Nuland and Volker are not sympathizers of the Russian Federation and are, in fact, representatives of those circles who stood for organizing a coup d’état in Ukraine. It is extremely unlikely that the replacement of personalities here will affect something, because the contradictions here are of a strategic and ideological nature.

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Alexander Dugin & Eduard Limonov: The Crimea | VIDEO

Topic “First Studio” — the third anniversary of the referendum on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Experts of the “First channel” talk about the phenomenon of the Crimean consensus, talking about how life has changed Crimeans during these three years, trying to understand what steps should Russia take to Europe and the West has recognized the Crimea part of Russia.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Monument to Catherine in Crimea

With how hard we defended our Crimea during the Crimean war when on the side of the Turks against us, made entire West, it is hard to imagine Russian soldiers poured blood on every piece of land in Sevastopol. But this is not just imperialism, it is a spiritual gesture of the fulfillment of our historic mission: in Crimea, a Russian Prince, and through him the Russian State and the Russian people were entrusted with the light of Christ faith. So we carried her peoples to piously observed and protected. This Korsunsky oath alive in us to this day.

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