Russia’s ‘Secret Syria Mercenaries’

Russian mercenaries have given Sky News first-hand accounts of experiences on the ground in Syria, fighting for the Assad regime.

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A Look at fighting DAESH in Latakia and some thoughts on Russian PMCs | VIDEO

The third method is the involvement of Russian PMCs. It is clear that Russia has so far only discussed the question of whether or not to have PMCs. There is no law regulating the activities of PMCs lack of understanding how to control who the customer is, where to get funding. The results of the previous round table, which was mentioned in a previous post, foreign consumers, based on the negativity that comes from American PMCs, and lack of a clear position of Russia on this question, a little fear of the consequences of the participation of PMCs in solving arising problems.In every speech sound that there is no experience of using this service.

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PMC and the war in Ukraine | Colonel Cassad

After the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq PMC began to develop more rapidly. Around the same time, many war correspondents came on hearing the word of Blackwater. The conscience of militants from Blackwater many crimes are simply impossible to hide. This is very much written, even in Wikipedia. Employees of PMCs behaved egregiously they repeatedly shot Iraqi civilians, American soldiers, journalists, and even the official bodyguards. For all this, no one answered. Online information about such things abound. In his book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army Jeremy Skeyhill American journalist he wrote that during the years of the occupation of Iraq in the country by the PMC (a variety of not only Blackwater – AM) were killed about 2 million. People. Even if these figures are inflated, it’s still terribly much.

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