SDF Vows To Prevent Any Corridor Between Iran And Syria | SOUTHFRONT

Then, the SDF vowed that it will not accept any corridor between Iran and ‘the Syrian regime’ and will oppose any PMU attempt to enter the Syrian territory, Al Ghad Press reported citing a source among the SDF leadership.

If confirmed, it will be another step in the ongoing escalation in the PMU-SDF relations as well as deterioration of the shaky relations between the US-backed force and the Syrian government.

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A Kurdish-Russian deal against Turkey! | ARA News

Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, has confirmed a deal between Russia, the Syrian government and the Kurds in Manbij against Turkey and Turkish-backed rebels.

“The detachments of the Syrian army approached the south-west areas of the city of Menbij, which is under control of Kurdish militia groups,” he said.

“Today, the Russian Centre for reconciliation of the opposing sides sent the first humanitarian convoy with food, medicines and items of the first necessity to Menbij,” he added.

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Euphrates shield – Day 6 | Colonel Cassad

On the 6th day of operation “shield of the Euphrates” the Turks decided on the next task – having cleared the surrounding area of Jarablus from the “black” and the Kurds from the bank of the Euphrates to the North of Manbij, while South of Amarinah, forward detachments of “Fallah al-sham” crossed the river and entrenched on the South Bank, creating a springboard for further advance to the South, with the aim of cutting the road running in Manbij. It should be noted that the resistance from both the Caliphate and the Kurds is rather a weak character that facilitates the rapid development of the Turkish operation.The Kurds of the YPG claim that Turkey is making use of sporadic clashes, in order that under the pretext of “combating terrorism” to put forward their mechanized formations as far to the South.

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Rojava: “Tactical alliance” with US imperialism leads to defeat

The political naivety of Kurds knew no bounds and culminated recently in the invitation to the US imperialism to establish a no-fly zone against the Syrian air force Rojava. Consider what function had fly zones of the imperialists in Libya. There had – as naive – Russia on such recessed to prevent a supposedly imminent massacre of the Libyan army in the population of Benghazi. In fact, the imperialists took advantage of the no-fly zone to bomb Libya quite up to the fall of his government. From this experience, Russia and China had learned the proclamation analog-fly zones by the UN Security Council not to agree in Syria.

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Joint Statement of Kurdish & Allied Parties in Syria on Turkish Invasion

We, the strong believers of democracy who are keen on protecting the security and integrity of the Syrian territory, strongly condemn the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory. We urge the international community to pressure the Turkish regime to stop its interference in the internal affairs of Syria, calling for the immediate withdrawal of its troops from Syria. We also call upon national democratic forces to take the initiative to prevent chauvinist forces from breaking our strong national unity.

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Euphrates shield – Day 3 | Colonel Cassad

On the third day of the operation “Euphrates shield” continued to increase tension on the contact line of Pro-Turkish militants supported by Turkish troops and YPG forces/SDF.

1. During the day continued air strikes by the Turkish F-16 at an advanced position of the Kurds and the Turkish armored vehicles supported advancing troops “green”.

2. In fact, we are now seeing the formation of new lines, where as pulling forces, should be deployed sufficiently serious fights, if the Kurds are completely inferior.

3. Despite American demands for the abandonment Manbij, the radical part of the YPG is opposed to meeting the American demands and prefers a war with Turkey. It is highly likely that everything is going to this option.

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The end of the battle for Manbij | Colonel Cassad

Manbij finally passed into the hands of the Kurds and 12 August may be considered the end date of the battle of Manbij. Once again we can note the resistance of the infantry of the Caliphate in the defense of the garrison town of 2 months was able to fend off a superior enemy, inflicted serious casualties – the figures vary from 600 to 1100 killed Kurds over 2 months of fighting in Manbij and eventually was able to back off out of town with a gun in his hand. The militants in Manbij lost from 300 to 500 killed + another 300-400 wounded in the unsuccessful attempts break the siege on the city.

But the stubborn defense of the city does not negate the strategic defeat. The Caliphate lost its largest Outpost in Northern Syria, and the liberated Kurdish forces and NATO now will regroup and will move in the direction of al-Bab, in an effort to cut the militants of the Caliphate in the Northern Syrian province of Raqqa.

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Syrian Kurds do not expect change in Russian policy after Putin-Erdogan meeting

Officials of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) do not see a change in the Russian policy towards the Syrian Kurds, nor expect the closure of their office in Moscow, after the Russian and Turkish presidents met last Tuesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow, for the first talks to rearrange relations after the November 2015 downing of a Russian aircraft by the Turkish army on Syrian border.

The Turkish journalist Ragip Soylu wrote that the Turkish president Erdogan asked Putin to close down the PYD office in Moscow. However, Putin told Erdogan he didn’t know there was a PYD and YPG [Syrian Kurdish forces] office in the Russian capital, adding that he would closely follow the issue.

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PKK, PYD conflict in Syria

Following the death of Bahoz Erdal, one of the three men on the PKK Executive Committee, the longstanding division between the outlawed Kurdistan workers party (PKK) and its Syrian affiliates PYD has deepened.

Dissent within the extremist groups, led by an executive committee in Qandil, northern Iraq, is deepened due to differing ideas on the “relations with Iran and Assad, in the framework of focusing on the civil war in Syria.

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DAESH repels advance on Manbij

Daesh (ISIS) Sunday repelled an advance by U.S.-backed forces on one of its main bastions in northern Syria, seizing back territory it had previously lost, Syrian activists and the extremist group said.The group said its fighters infiltrated villages and mountains near the Daesh-held town of Manbij that were seized last month by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-dominated group aided by U.S. special forces that also includes Arab fighters.

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