Mosul. 24.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad

By 24 January the forces of the Iraqi army and security forces, almost completely occupied the Eastern neighborhoods of Mosul. “Black” continue the resistance only in Rashidi North of the city. Full capture of district business 1-2 days. Part of the 1st infantry and 9th armored division of the Iraqi army crushed the last pockets of organized resistance in the Central districts adjacent to the river, the forces of the police special forces are now conducting a sweep there. The approaches to the destroyed bridges over the Tigris are entirely controlled by Iraqi security forces.On January 22, started to assemble the pontoon bridges for the crossing of the Tiger to begin the assault on the Western part of Mosul. It is expected that the enemy continues stubborn resistance in a dense housing development, which will impede the use of aircraft and artillery. They should expect a new wave of attacks by car bombs.

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