Deir ez-Zor Liberated | Colonel Cassad



The event was on the one hand expected, but it happened unexpectedly quickly.

This is a very symbolic day for the Syrian war. The garrison repelled dozens of attacks and assaults, even being in split into two parts, besieged, deprived of a full supply, and yet confounded all the skeptics waiting for reinforcements.

Of course, this is only the formal access to the base. Need to tighten up supply, you need to connect with a garrison cut off of  from the air base. You need to clear the areas North and South of the area extending to the city and need to prepare for hard battles for the liberation of that part of the city, which still holds the militants.

UPD: BY the beginning of 4 September the main forces coming from the East Syrian parts are located 5-6 kilometers away from the enclave. Officially, the unblocking is likely to be announced tomorrow during the day.

UPD: TO 1 a.m. it is reported that advanced units of Palestinians broke into the Deir ez-Zor in the framework of the Panorama.

For accuracy, the city itself, the SAA has not yet came. Battles now go to the South of 137th base.

The enemy tries to counter-attack to prevent a full connection coming from the enclave. In the town of strong artillery fire and air strikes on areas between the Northern part of the enclave and airport.

The enemy will try the opposite during the night counter-attacks (possibly with the use of suicide bombers) inflict casualties to the attacking forces and prevent full contact of the advancing from the West with the garrison of the 137th base.
By morning, the tactical situation should become clearer. The Governor of the province proposed to wait until the completion of the battle with the attacking parts of the IG.

Sidorenko reports that the tribal groups are located in 8 kilometers from the air base, which shows the artillery fire of the advancing parts of Suhni.

To the North-West of Deir ez-Zor tribal groups came to the city for 18 kilometers.
In Syria already begin to celebrate even before the conclusion of the fighting on the outskirts of the city. video from Deir-ez-Zor – the jubilation on the streets and shooting in the air

The official statement regarding the exit of parts of the SAA and allies to the city is likely to follow tomorrow, when to decide the outcome of the battle with counterattacking parts of the Caliphate.

At the beginning of September 4, the leading position of the SAA is located 6 kilometers from the 137th base, fighting with the “black” continues, VKS RF causes intense airstrikes.

Troops advanced from the Kharrat through the gas station and now are fighting in the desert between the gas station and the 137th military base.

Sydorenko with the Liwa al-Quds reports that released the hospital of al-Assad.
Official Syrian sources state that the city will be released in the near future.

Plus “ISIS Hunters” about the release of Akerbat (video + English)

Stauffenberg was Right!

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