Khmeimim air base | Colonel Cassad

Satellite photos of the Russian airbase Khmeimim, Mid-July 2017.

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The Rook vs the Warthog: The su-25 and A-10 – a view from the trenches | Judgesuhov

“Rook” was created as a workhorse for bombing. Tough, cheap and hardy aircraft for the war that was supposed to solve the problem of supporting ground troops “cheap and cheerful”, coming as close as possible to the enemy and treating it with bombs, rockets and the gun… And in some cases missiles with laser seeker to destroy point targets.

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“Rooks” for Syria | Colonel Cassad

Overall, if the United States did not stop saber-rattling and making threats, the Russian Federation, in the light of the continuation of the war will not be reason to refrain from increasing aviation groups and the intensification of the attacks on the FSA and the Caliphate. In the current environment, additional forces aviation could be useful to support the assault on Aleppo, and for the relief of the militants ‘ offensive in the Northern province of Hama.

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