Is the KGB coming back? | Katehon

The creation of parallel power structures in the history of Russian statehood has always been associated with the struggle of the state’s leaders against the elites, who are opposed to the rulers and their attempts to strengthen the country. This is why Ivan the Terrible created the Oprichnina – Peter the Great – Guard Regiments, and Nicholas I – a separate body of gendarmes. In addition, these structures traditionally acted as a mechanism to forcibly “rotate the elites”, a renewal of the ruling class.

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The return of the KGB? | Colonel Cassad

Before the presidential elections 2018 in Russia planned to create the Ministry of state security (MGB), writes “Kommersant” citing its sources. New superbeast will be created on the basis of the FSB, which in fact return the function of the KGB. Its membership will include the foreign intelligence Service and the majority of the units of the Federal security service. In this case, the FSO will remain in the form of presidential security and get control of special communication and transport services senior officials.MGB will also provide its own security agencies all law enforcement and security agencies.

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How could Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia materialize? | Katehon

It becomes increasingly clear that the US has dramatically blundered in relation to Turkey, and to avoid repeating the events of July 15, 2016, Erdogan was forced toward a rapprochement with Russia. This does not mean that Turkey will immediately exit from NATO, but that Erdogan will benefit from the information offered by the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) and the military intelligence GRU, to annihilate any attempted coup planned by the US and its allies. During the military coup in Turkey, a Turkish satellite center was hit by attack pro-coup helicopters, simultaneously a major world power jammed Turkish satellites. Turkish sources say that Russia would immediately offer to Erdogan, unlimited access to its network of military satellites to be able to command troops, while remaining faithful to exchange information within the MIT (Turkish intelligence service).

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