The battle in Northern Hama. 17.04.2017 | Colonel Cassad

Both parties continue to send into battle additional reserves, but still the advantage is with the SAA and its allies in firepower effect, plus it is worth remembering that the SAA is somewhat easier to replenish losses in tanks and infantry fighting vehicles than the rebels, who are losing armor, and losing the ability to conduct an effective counterattack on a tactical level. Regrouping after the capture of Maharde and reinforcements, enabled SAA to continue the offensive, denying the militants a chance to recover due to the long operational pause.

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The Fifth Legion: A New Auxiliary Force | Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

In response to the rapid developments for events, to reinforce the successes of the intrepid armed forces and heeding the desire of our defiant people to put an end to the terrorist acts upon the lands of the Syrian Arab Republic, the General Command for the Army announces the formation of the Fifth Legion- Assault, from volunteers, with the mission of destroying terrorism alongside the rest of the formations of our heroic armed forces and the auxiliary and allied forces to restore security and stability to all the lands of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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