BBC is ‘worse than a whore’ – Russian TV SLAMS Trump ‘documentary’ | VIDEO

The 30 minute oeuvre is a work of comic genius, and really lays bare how disgracefully the BBC descends, from time to time, into raw propaganda and flat-out lying.

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We assess that Obama, the mainstream media and the American Government aspired to help defeated Presidential contender Hillary Clinton when possible by discrediting Donald Trump and publicly saying mean things about him. All Three Agencies agree with this judgment. The KGB and GRU have high confidence in this judgment. Troll Directorate is confident that we are high.

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What if God is a Troll? | The Mendacity of N. Wahid Azal

N.Wahid Azal is a completely unstable fruitcake and the American Left is such a black hole of Gullibility that he could easily dominate the whole anti-Dugin narrative. As such, his turn to the Leftard side is actually a wonderful gift to the Eurasian cause. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory the left will turn straight to the Dugin-Putin-Trump conspiracy theory, just as it took refuge in 9/11 conspiracy theory during the Bush years. As such, “Enemies” like Glenn Beck and. N. Wahid Azal are worth their weight in gold, as the mainsteam narrative is utterly compromised because the messengers are batshit crazy, but we get the best kind of free advertising on earth.

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