Dugin’s Guideline – Black September 1999

Putin started the Second Chechen campaign, which, despite all the sacrifices and all the stress led not only to the preservation of Chechnya within Russia, but also to the preservation of Russia itself. To the terrorists in Moscow Putin responded with all reasonable cruelty unwavering power. The attacks could have undermined the resolve and shattered the will of any Russian leader of the period. But they did not. Because in the end there was Putin

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DAESH confirms “Omar the Chechen” is DEAD

A top ISIS group commander, Omar Al-Shishani, has been killed in Iraq, the militant-linked Amaq agency said on Wednesday.

Citing a “military source,” Amaq said Shishani was killed “in the town of Sharqat as he took part in repelling the military campaign on the city of Mosul,” referring to the last ISIS-held city in Iraq.

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Chechens Fighting in Syria Increasingly Joining Forces With Islamic State | Jamestown

The main problem of the Chechen commanders in Syria is that the North Caucasian militants in their groups have been defecting to the Islamic State. The groups led by these Chechen commanders’ no longer have thousands of militants, as they did back in 2014. Today, the Chechen groups operating in Syria rarely have even several hundred members, and half of the members are not North Caucasians, but rather members of local tribes. Apart from the ordinary militants who have switched their allegiances to Islamic State commander Umar Shishani (Tarkhan Batirashvili, from the Pankisi Gorge, in Georgia), some militant commanders who were allied with Salahudin and Muslim Abdulkhakim have also pledged loyalty to the Islamic State. For example, Amir Al Bara, the commander of a small Chechen group, is now fighting together with his men under the command of the Islamic State.

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