What if God is a Troll? | The Mendacity of N. Wahid Azal


Is he God or just retarded?

In early November 2016 Counterpunch published another mendacious and unsourced hit piece from N. Wahid Azal, entitled “Sufism in the service of Empire: The Case of the Maryamiyyah”, in which he alleged without evidence of any kind that Alexander Dugin is in league with the Maryamiyya Order, and that the Maryamiyya murdered Rene Guenon. Now if Wahid had simply stuck to Alexander Dugin, he could have told any lie he wished and gotten away with it, as our pretend-Left has not the slightest shred of intellectual integrity. The “fearless voice of the American Left” is afraid of lawyers however, so his highly actionable accusations against the Maryamiyya were a bridge too far, and then (in true form) Wahid started an extremely nasty fight with his only source, Mark Kolsow, who sent counterpunch an email and the article was taken down.

N. Wahid Azal sure named a lot of names, but facts are nowhere to be found. In order to respond to Azal’s lies I have scoured all the main archives of Dugin’s writings looking for an essay or article about Frithjof Schuon. He is mentioned in passing a few times, but I have been unable to find anything that actually addresses his work directly. By contrast Dugin has literally written volumes about Rene Guenon , Julius Evola, Henry Corbin, and Radical Traditionalism. This clear lack of interest is hardly surprising given the vast distance between Schuon and the Russian School of Radical Traditionalism, and between the Maryamiyya and Alexander Dugin’s Old believer Orthodox Christian faith. Furthermore, Alexander Dugin has denounced western “Guenonistry ” in the most scathing terms, and it is obvious that the term encompasses the followers of Schuon. (For the rest of Azal’s banal lies see appendix 1)

“Frankly, I hate traditionalists—no matter whether they are of domestic or Western origin. They are rabble. Good people do real work or wage wars, even if they have little chance of success. All over the world.”

-Alexander Dugin

“Guenonistry – its authors, repeating Guenon, treat him as a guru, engage in repetition of involved Guenonist discourse (without mastering his language) with very small deviations and considering this activity as a kind of intellectual hobby. Someone like collecting stamps, some like sadomasochism, and some who consistently explores the crisis of the modern world, examining the signs of the times: it is a kind of niche for a certain type of European characters who see it as a discourse Guenon.”

-Alexander Dugin

While a seemingly innocuous crank to most observers not informed of his fifteen year record of death threats and harassment, a demented post-modern abomination like N. Wahid Azal is hardly in any position to attack the Maryamiyya. He accuses at length the whole of “western Sufism”, but what is he but a western sufi and in fact the worst possible poster child for everything that is wrong with western Sufism? What kind of a satanic project is it to mix Sufism with the infected vomit of Crowleyism, and the most dangerous sacraments in Central American Shamanism? Who is it who is selling the kind of snake oil that leaves dumb white hippies incurably insane and permanently brain damaged? (Not that anyone is buying Azal’s brand…)

A few years ago a Sufi friend of mine told me that “Nima Wahid Azal“— an infamous internet troll — was now trying to pass himself off as a supporter of Alexander Dugin. At the time this revelation struck me as a bit odd as Wahid’s post-Islamic psychedelic “Sufism” is ostensibly (at least as far as his mountains of obfuscatory mumbo-jumbo, visions of nude talking Kangaroos and delusions of grandeur are concerned) at the very opposite pole from Eurasianism and Fourth Political Theory. His unlikely attraction to Dugin followed by his betrayal (and outright snitching on Traditionalists in Academia) may actually have something to do with N. Wahid Azal‘s thwarted lifelong ambition to become a famous New Age crackpot.


Now, contextualized by his psychiatrists under the rubric of a “Paranoid Schizophrenic” with “Delusions of Godhood” rather than, technically speaking, “the Self-Disclosed Theophany of Beautific Magnificence and Majestic Scintillance”; the origins of N. Wahid Azal are to be found during the early twenty first century within his trolling and cyberstalking of the Baha’i that occurred in talk.religion.bahai Usenet group. During that period, and while in exile after being expelled from nearly every forum and email list to which he had ever subscribed; N. Wahid Azal proclaimed himself to be the universal messiah and penultimate divine messenger (or ‘manifestation of God’ in Baha’i technical language) come to establish a new global religious order that is to eventually succeed and supplant all religions and belief systems throughout the world. In time Azal has pioneered a new form of mind control cult made up only of himself.


Be that as it may, the really sick and repulsive details of N. Wahid Azal’s one-man mind control cult [1] are better left for another day, only to say that –- and as regularly outlined in many Iranian webpages — he has literally spent almost his entire adult life cyberstalking the poor Baha’i. But let us turn here to the checkered history of the Fatimaya Sufi Order itself, of which N. Wahid Azal is the founder, leader, and sole known member:

The Fatimiya Sufi Order


Nima Wahid Azal (born 1971 in Iran) was originally Nima Sadra Hazini, (AKA over a hundred other aliases), he has had at least twenty websites devoted to himself, he has founded (and is the sole known member of) at least three religions, has declared himself the reincarnation of more prophets than I can keep track of [2], he is reported to have announced himself to be God on multiple occasions [3], and is alleged by the entire Iranian online community to be batshit crazy [4]. He has been writing regularly about Alexander Dugin as some kind of “analyst” for the sad leftarded rag that was once Counterpunch. [5]


As a child Nima allegedly lived in West Germany and Iran. Nima’s family was allegedly associated with the elites of the western puppet regime in Iran [6], so they allegedly fled to America, allegedly on a CIA private jet [7], after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and then moved to Australia in 1982. It was in Australia that the young Nima encountered an aborigine shaman who taught him how to get high by chewing tree bark and sucking on the ass of dead cane toads. After sucking toad ass and huffing the sacramental butane for 14 hours, the young prophet was initiated into dream-time and his cosmic twin: McJesus_tha_Splenda© descended upon him and revealed the great secret of his mission:

He was to be the greatest Guru, the final Guru, and the seal of the Guru as an incarnation of the pure, absolute, transcendent, primordial Guru in the final and ultimate incarnation. He was to become the alpha and the omega of Guru. [8]


In 1989 after completing his high school Nima returned to the United States to make the proper pilgrimage to the pure land of the Guru: California. Here Nina had many profound experiences with local entheogens and was initiated into the sacred mysteries of the Hot Tub. After his sacred immersion in the baptismal Hot Tub waters, his cosmic twin, McJesus_tha_Splenda©, descended upon him again and revealed to him his sacred destiny [9] to manifest his cosmic nature as the most annoying internet troll of all time. Also he had to find a talking Kangaroo [10] and take over the Bahia religion.

In 1999 Azal returned to the Gold Coast of Queensland where he had many fun adventures with a sarcastic crocodile and a silly parrot in his mystical quest to find the talking kangaroo. Some years later he was using an Australian entheogen (known as “Crystal Meth”) when the female cosmic principle manifested itself in the form of a wacky talking Kangaroo he named “Fatima”, who anointed Nami as the reincarnation of Subh-i-Azal, and thus the proper leader of the Bahia faith. In 2004 he legally changed his name to Wahid Azal to declare himself the return of Subh-i-Azal. From that time onwards Azal has waged an endless and pitiless war trying to take over the main Haifan branch of the Baha’i via the internet [11]. The actual Baha’i, however, have adamantly denied Azal’s claims to anything, and instead maintain that he has spent most of his adult life trolling them from a moldy basement. One recent study published in Iran suggests that a spike in suicide rates among Iranian forum moderators may have even been caused by Wahid himself. This, and the scandalous allegations regarding the “Kangaroo incident” [12] and other related controversies would have soon led to a bitter schism within the ranks of the Azal’s followers, but he has never had any.


After continuously trolling the entire Talk.Religion hierarchy for 72 hours straight without sleep or food, Azal had new mystical visions of the “Divine Feminine” in the naked form of a talking kangaroo, who anointed him the Avatar of the Age, Neo, John Galt, the promised Saoshyant, the true Kalki Avatar, the true Second Coming of Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Aleister Crowley, Jim Jones, Timothy Leary, the promised universal Messiah, the Maitreya Buddha, the Inca Sun-King Wirococha, the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the Sixth Sun of the Mayan prophecies, the Imám al-Qayyúm, the Supreme Godhead, Richard Simmon’s hot pants, etc. Within its specific Internet context, Wahid’s claims, his ‘universalist’ teachings, and many of the details of his visions of the divine feminine are openly cut and pasted from both the Baha’i founder Mirza Husayn ‘Ali Nuri Baha’u’llah, and Frithjof Schuon.

hollow-earthThat said, with so many other striking similarities existing between the Fatimiya and the Maryamiyyah, if Azal had even had a single follower, his Fatimiya  order would have been essentially a Bayani version of Schuonism mixed with the sewer water of Crowleyism and hard drugs. In early 2006 Azal self-published the first volume of his final and absolute sacred text of all time, which he entitled Liber Decatriarchia Mystica: Sketchings of the Thirteen Encompassing Spheres of Building Seven and assorted material. In this book he introduces his thirteen sphere trutheristic model of the universe and unveils new editions of the Kabbalah and the Koran that were revealed to him by the talking kangaroo. In the forthcoming second volume N. Wahid Azal rewrites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to blame the Baha’i for school shooting false flags and 9/11. The remainder of the book will contain material related to his researches on the ancient Aryan UFO base hidden inside the hollow earth.[13]

Be that as it may, the Fatimiya’s rank-and-file is entirely composed of Wahid Azal’s sock puppets. To deflect and smokescreen from his long history of racist trolling, he claims to be the victim of impersonation and cyberstalking. He is however the source of his own “cyberstalking”, perhaps even being the one of the original pioneers of the technique of cyberstalking yourself with a sock puppet. In recent times, allegations of spamming and troll-like behavior continue to bedevil N. Wahid Azal’s quest to advertise his Fatimiya order. A noteworthy example is his total failure to con Wikipedia into giving him an entry. He has also been reportedly threatened with legal intimidation for continuously re-mailing manuscripts of his 100+ volume long magnum opus to every publisher on earth. Unfortunately almost every Iranian (and specifically any kind of organization) has been mercilessly trolled by Azal, also threatened with lawsuits, complete destruction and death, etc. So Azal has gone in another direction, allying himself more and more with the agendas of Western establishments and the core interests of Empire in the Muslim world by trying to sabotage the Eurasian Alliance with the Axis of Resistance.


N.Wahid Azal is a completely unstable fruitcake and the American Left is such a black hole of Gullibility that he could easily dominate the whole anti-Dugin narrative. As such, his turn to the Leftard side is actually a wonderful gift to the Eurasian cause. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory the left will turn straight to the Dugin-Putin-Trump conspiracy theory, just as it took refuge in 9/11 conspiracy theory during the Bush years. As such, “Enemies” like Glenn Beck and. N. Wahid Azal are worth their weight in gold, as the mainsteam narrative is utterly compromised because the messengers are batshit crazy, but we get the best kind of free advertising on earth.

Go ahead and sell them the worst snake oil Wahid, your bedwetting Leftard comrades will buy it and we wish you the best of luck!


Oh God give us a thousand more enemies like these!

Akira Kalashnikov [14]




Wahid Azal’s first essay attacking Dugin at Trutherpunch accused Dugin of Crowleyism and “Occult Fascism”. Both accusations are lies, but of course N. Wahid Azal is himself a devoted follower of Crowley –- a feature of his practice which would certainly scandalize any orthodox Muslim, Sunni or Shi’i.


While not currently accounting himself among the ranks of Hitler the Frog, N. Wahid Azal previously presented himself as some kind of (sufi) White-Nationalist, as well as an avid fan of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. You can listen to N. Wahid Azal’s Holocaust denier Podcast here:




Wahid Azal’s mélange of mystical crackpotism, racialism and Conspiracy Theory place him much closer to the post-war Third Position — and thus “Occult Fascism” — than Alexander Dugin, who in the Fourth Political Theory explicitly rejects the racialist, totalitarian, and genocidal content of the Third Position in no uncertain terms.



Furthermore N. Wahid Azal (and specifically his hundreds of sock puppets) are long known to be staunchly Atlanticist before his very recent turn to fraudulently presenting himself as a supporter of the Islamic Republic –- Wahid being a veritable albatross around the neck of the entire online Iranian diaspora. Withal, it should be underscored that N. Wahid Azal is not (and nor are his sock puppets) any part of the axis of resistance or the anti-colonialist agenda, having called for the destruction of the Islamic Republic, by any means necessary, for years.



1 Personal Communication with the BAHAI INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, 2016. (They sent me the WHOLE FILE, dude.)

2 No really, I didn’t keep track

3 Usenet

4 Go ask them:



5 By the time you assholes at Counterpunch get to hell, Alex will have completely taken over, and you will pay for what you did to his magazine for a long and hideous eternity…

6 BAHIA INTELLIGENCE AGENCY report “Target: Nima Hazini” p.492

7 What, I am supposed to have evidence?

8 The Final Absolute Revelation of Everything and the Complete Structure and Secret History of the Universe by N. Wahid Azal, Volume 42, Chapter 739 (unpublishable manuscript)

9 Confidential Psychiatric report obtained by the BAHIA INTELLIGENCE AGENCY

10 Ibid

11 Again, go ask them



12 “Man found naked in Kangaroo enclosure committed to Mental Observation” Australian morning post

13 This is satire. It was produced with the assistance of the BAHA’I INTELLIGENCE AGENCY as well as the NSAs of at least two countries, the FBI, DHS, and CIA. So sue me, or threaten me with death or whatever, Azal…You who live in such a spider’s house shouldn’t throw so many stones…You missed all the fun trolling Glenn Beck with Trump you sad snitching asshole…

14 Before you accuse me of being in league with the Baha’i, please get it straight Azal:

I am in league with The Abominable Snowmen and The Secret Order of the Māhāniyya (of the mystery of the three principles) although I am myself closer to the lost Order of Dragovitsa.


33 responses to “What if God is a Troll? | The Mendacity of N. Wahid Azal

  1. For all the claims to research made here, you can’t figure out something as simple as the fact that Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri Baha’u’llah was the founder of Baha’ism (the so-called Baha’i faith) and NOT Subh-i-Azal. Subh-i-Azal is the single most demonized figure in Bahaism because he refused to recognize his older brother’s claims. Baha’u’llah, the founder of Baha’ism, was Subh-i-Azal’s older step-brother and rival. Subh-i-Azal was the legitimate successor of Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab (the founder of Babism), and not the founder of Baha’ism which is Babism’s schism. A little googling would’ve easily turned up this information. smh


      • Because there is plenty out there about the Gulen cult, and the Lefty friends I hang out with don’t like Gulen either. But perhaps I will write something up in due course about the connections of Fethullah Gulen with Seyyed Hossein Nasr and the Maryamiyyah (since quite a bit is turning up on this angle) as Gulen and Nasr appear to be quite chummy with each other and share the same pseudo-Sufi espionage networks in Turkey, North Africa, the Gulf and Central Asia. Given Dugin’s proximity to Nasr and his Maryamiyyah — unless, that is, he has disavowed them in recent times, esp. Gholamreza Avani in Iran, SH Nasr’s khalifa over there — what I write on Gulen and Nasr will not reflect well on Dugin either.

        Anyway, Subh-i-Azal was NOT the founder of the Baha’i faith. He was its first historical sworn enemy. Again, Subh-i-Azal was the Bab’s successor and not the central founding figure of Baha’ism. Correct that error. Here is a Russian history on Babism and Bahaism (which goes into all of this) that should help you from committing such faux pas’ in the future (assuming you read Russian; if not, pass it along to Dugin himself) https://archive.org/details/RussianHistoryOnBabismBahaism


      • And thank you for demonstrating that for all your rhetoric otherwise, you are actually anti-Syrian anti-Iranians racists since that was the constant theme running through Koslow’s mental defecations to me. You defense of Koslow will now be used as evidence against you that your breast-beatings for Syria, Hezbollah and Iran etc have been hollow all along, and that you are actually shills for the NeoCons as I have maintained you are. Thank you very much!


  2. Snip

    [This is a lame Troll. Lame Spam-Trolls where you simply repeat yourself with extra death threats will be deleted.

    Do better, Azal!]



  3. Wahid,

    You state on your TimeMonkRadioNetwork interview regarding Hillary Clinton, quite emphatically, that she is “for sure!…for sure!…a living djinn!”. Can you explain how “a living djinn!” would make a better president, or rather, world player, than Donald Trump; given your erratically incessant diatribes again Trump? Your words…”A LIVING DJINN!”! How could a one so nefarious, who is part and parcel of the anti-Christ play a better role on the world scene, than someone like Trump? A flawed dubious character for sure, but certainly not a “living djinn!” Or, if he is, one not charged with the darkness that surrounds ol’ Hitlery. You would rather have a “living djinn!” running the USA at this moment in time? Please explain?


    • Have I bandwagoned for Killary Klingon over the past year? If I have, show me the evidence. That Trump is a fascist KKKunt — and that his Trumpenproletarian supporters are as well — does not absolve Killary of hers, since Dump and Killary are two sides of the same coin: puppet mannequins controlled by the same nefarious forces of AngloZionist plutocracy (who also rule Russia from behind scenes btw). So much for your non sequitur there.

      So about that collective butthurt on your part…


      • Fair enough…but would you be griping and bemoaning so profusely, and with such enraged ferocity about Her DarkLordship, had she been elected? I mean, if there both two sides of the same coin, then…


        • I thought you KKKaos-holes were monitoring my FB? Obviously you missed all those months of status updates were I was urging people State-side to vote third-party only and attempt thereby to plunge the system into a nightmare constitutional crisis by ensuring neither two-party candidate reached the magic 270 electoral college number. But all of that is academic now since overwhelming evidence has emerged of massive voter fraud where Republican controlled states flipped the election for Dump (most likely taking the votes from these very 3rd party candidates and adding it to Donald’s total). In worrying about Putin and Russian hackers, the Demonocrats forgot that the GOP itself was capable of doing exactly what they were biting their nails about over Russia. But to be fair, Russian media did provide the exclusive soap-box and megaphone to the Trump campaign, proving that they were an interested party although the specific accusations about them hacking anything are complete bullshit. Both Democrats and Republicans engaged in the very things they were accusing outside powers in doing, first in the primaries then in the general (s)election.


      • You truly are priceless, Azal. The last of the hardcore Usenet kooks… “Trump is a Fascist but the Jewish Conspiracy is behind it all!”

        After you finally overdose on DMT and chew off your own tongue, we should have you stuffed and mounted for the museum of insane internet trolls.


  4. On a final note, the collective butthurt you goons have received at my hands oozes out of every sentence of this blog post. Now go and do the multiverse a favor and die.


    • My butt hurts because I fell on the floor laughing so hard after you got your own article yanked off of Counterpunch by being such a rabid asshole to Mark Koslow. Do me a favor and smoke some more DMT, bro.

      You are a tragedy Azal, but a very entertaining one, and we look forward to more of your zany adventures. Did you try calling Glenn Beck yet?


    • “interest in Dugin on the part of “spiritual” Traditionalists with their origin in Schuon’s Maryamiyya is new”

      This is your evidence? That some Traditionalists went to a conference of Russian Traditionalists? By that measure you are more “involved” or “connected” to Maryamiyyah.


  5. The CP article was sourced, and the claim about the possible murder of Guenon at the Maryamiyyah’s hands was likewise sourced. Koslow is an idiot, a gatekeeper for the Maryamiyyah, and obviously a racist. But the reason why you are crying about the article is because it disclosed the linkages of Nasr with the American deep-state and Dugin with Nasr; and seeing how Dugin shilled for Trump from day one — and now that reports of massive voter fraud on the part of the GOP are trickling out — my contention that Dugin is allied with the same forces of Anglo-American imperialism that Nasr is, has likewise borne out..

    Again, I have called Dugin out for a public debate. Why is Rasputin redidivus ducking me?


    • So your only source is a “is an idiot, a gatekeeper for the Maryamiyyah, and obviously a racist”?

      There is no “Link” for you to expose, so no one cares. We troll you so that the opposition looks like retarded fruitbats.

      If Alexander Dugin is allied with “Anglo American imperialism” why is he on the No fly list and under economic sanctions?


          • Alexander Dugin knows Traditionalists all over the world, including ones in Iran. So what?

            I understand that you are severely socially retarded and don’t understand the concept of a “friend”, but this is very common among normal people. Go see a psychiatrist and he can explain it to you.

            In any case, YOU are the one who moved to bloomsburg Indiana and tried to join the cult:


        • >The article contains 14 footnotes with five bla bla bla

          Made up fake sources claimed by a mentally Ill pathological liar such as yourself don’t count. Some obscure conspiracy theorist in Iran doesn’t count. Both Koslow and sedgwick have disavowed you. Complete Fail.

          Now the leftards at Counterpunch have finally Googled you, so you are banned from the magazine.


          The Baha’i sent Press TV copies of all that shit you wrote about the Islamic Republic, so now you have been banned from Press TV as well.



  6. I have never identified myself as a white nationalist because I ain’t white. Someone on reddit did an identity theft. The person even fessed up later on to who they were. You got nothing.


      • No, Porrazzo, it ain’t fake. But WTF does my discussion of the occult war have to do with white nationalism, you idiot? Even someone of your endless conceit and quite limited cognitive abilities cannot attribute “white nationalism” to anything articulated in that segment with Time Monk Radio.


        • >No, Porrazzo

          Funny you would mention that, Azal.

          We have in fact crossed swords before, Nima, but that was many years ago on Usenet, and with your drug habits you probably don’t remember it.

          I have never been part of the New Resistance group because I don’t hang out on Facebook, and as far as I can tell they don’t like me, as I have been perma-banned from the comments sections of Richard Spencer’s entire network of websites. But since you bring it up Azal, I actually have one source telling me a completely crazy story about how you and “James Porrazzo” are the same person. It sounds like nonsense to me, but do you want to comment on the uncanny resemblance?

          Were you also involved with the mind control cult project in South Carolina?


    • Obviously you were trying to present yourself as “White” at one time, and it failed because your “Aryan” comrades think real Aryans are “mud people”, and mindlessly hate all Muslims. The evidence of your viscously racist Stormfront posting career is in fact still available at the Internet Archive for anyone who gives a shit.

      Your real position, as a mystical crackpot Jew-Conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, etc, is the “Occult Fascism” of the post-war third position, which this podcast makes perfectly clear.

      In other words: GLASS HOUSE + ROCKS = FAIL

      (Oh, what a surprise that a Jew-Conspiracy 9/11 truther turned out to be an insane snitch!)


      • I am not after followers. Never have been. That is the difference between Alexander Rasputin and myself. Followers are a burden. And Dugin’s global political movement will crumble all around him and over his head in the end. You can take that to the bank. He knows it too himself in his heart of hearts.


        • >I am not after followers.

          This from the guy who has founded at least three religions…

          >Never have been.

          Rather you have completely failed to obtain any.

          >That is the difference between Alexander Rasputin and myself.

          No, the difference is that Dugin put his mind and his will to great use, while you have squandered your education and your heritage in favor of Crowleyist nonsense, and most of your life in pointless spam-trolling.

          >Followers are a burden.

          A burden you will truly never be cursed with…

          >And Dugin’s global political movement will crumble all around him and over his head in the end. You can take that to the bank.

          2016 has been victory after victory, in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, and even in the United States. I’ll take dead DAESH scum, a defeated Hillary Monster, Trumpocalypse, the mass unemployment of neocon scum, and the Russian-Iranian alliance to the bank, motherfucker, while you are begging on the sidewalk because you are a snitching turncoat.


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